April 11, 2014

A to Z Challenge J is for Mason Jars

theme‘My views of the south’as seen thru the eyes of a former New Yorker

I had never used mason jars before I moved to the south and let me tell you, they are wonderful.

They are the number one most used item in my house during the vegetable growing season.
I use them for fresh water bath canning of vegetables, sauces,fruit jams and the like.

It would not be unusual to go to visit a neighbor and be served a iced tea in one of these jars as well.

Not a gardener?
Want are some other ways to use them?

Candle holders...
Lightning bug holders..

How about creating a handmade gift?

Mix up your favorite brownie or cookie recipe (dry ingredients only) put it in one of these jars. Attach handwritten directions and a bow and you have created wonderful hostess or holiday gift.

Have you ever used them?
Tell us what for...