February 23, 2015

With this ring I remember..

Do you have a special object that evokes special memories of a special person or a wonderful time in your life?

I love stories. If I didn’t love tell stories I wouldn't be a blogger.

Most often the story behind the object is more valuable to me than the object itself.

My grandparents were immigrants living in Brooklyn N.Y, he was a baker she a stay at home mother of five. The 1920’s were not a very prosperous time for them, but they got by. There were not many luxuries in their home; probably the most valuable of their possessions was her wedding ring/engagement set and yet it was very modest by any means.

One day she lost her engagement ring.  

Popa went to the local jeweler and had him make a ring for Nana. I can imagine that the $25.00 he paid for it was a lot of money back then. Nana loved the sentiment, she loved the ring, it was sweet and beautiful with two hearts back to back but it wasn't her ring.

Did you ever dig in the cushions of the couch of change? My Dad did one day when he was about 12 and came up with something a bit more valuable than a few pennies he was looking for; he found my Nana’s engagement ring. 

She slipped that engagement back in its place on her finger and the heart ring on another finger and wore them both. She in fact wore the engagement ring until her death at 95 but the heart ring had a different fate.

Many older folks give treasured items to their loved in order to see them enjoy them as opposed to leaving them in a will.  She was a wonderful Grandmother who lived with us and was a tremendous part of my life. 

Years later Nana gave that heart ring to Daddy and he immediately passed it to me. I received that ring 38 years ago and have worn it every day. Sadly, Popa died when I was six. I know Nana and Daddy saw my joy when I was given that ring. Now that they've all passed I feel like I wear their hearts all the time glistening on my finger.  

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Do you have a special piece of jewelry with that has a story worth telling? I'd love to hear it!