January 31, 2015

it went tick, clank bang and boom

It seems like every time I try to make an effort to get back to this blog the universe has another plan.

The other day I picked up my laptop to check on comments and see what was going on with some of my blog friends and I heard this noise... It sounded like a pebble was stuck in the fan of my laptop; then within minutes it progressed to a much louder sound more reminiscent to pots and pans being banged around inside my computer.

I remember thinking to myself, this is not good. So I took a chance and turned it off and then back on again while silently praying that it would actually work.

Hallelujah, it was actually ON and there was no sound!

That's when I noticed the white letters displayed on my screen "the main fan has failed - in order to not harm your system this machine will shut down automatically in 15 seconds".


I do not care to use my husbands desk top (that's his space)  and my smartphone is really not all that functional for writing blog posts. It has more to do with the fact that everything is so darn small and I'd just rather not squint or use a magnifying glass.

Needless to say my poor computer had to go the computer doctor (Russell) to be fixed.. and now thanks to him I'm back in business.

What do you do when your computer goes on the fritz?