March 11, 2013

I should have found some wood to knock on

Are you superstitious?

In the interest of full disclosure I should tell you I was born on Friday the thirteenth and regardless of the interesting timing of my birth I've never been a particularly superstitious person.

I was trading e-mails with my friend Anne who is the author of the blog Is Anyone There? In my e-mail I had mentioned to Anne I hadn't been sick in some time.

Now looking back I regret not doing something; like knocking on some wood.

I'm rethinking this whole superstition thing, darn glass coffee table!

I have been sick with the most horrible cold this entire week.

I've been in bed coughing, hacking, sneezing, wheezing communing with my sinus' that feel like they want to escape out of my ears if that were only humanly possible.

 Can you say the word "phlegm?"

Truthfully I'm still not feeling all that great after a week so I'm not going to push myself hence my absence from my blog and yours.


On Friday I'm taking a very early Amtrak to New York to attend a wedding and to celebrate St Patty's with my family.

Since I am so terribly behind on blog life in general I thought I'd spend my six hours on the train catching up on all my visiting and commenting.

Thanks for being so understanding that I haven't been to visit you.

See you Friday if not before then.

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  1. I missed you and I thought perhaps you were sick. On the mend now, I you'll see if you visit by blog, I have been out of commission too. Right hand is on the blink....
    I like how you so casually toss out"taking the Amtrack to New York"! Bigdeal in my book!

  2. Do feel better soon! Hopefully by the time you go to the wedding this weekend!


  3. I wonder if that's the very Amtrak line we took every summer from Columbia to Wilmington, DE. Does it stop in DC for an hour? Anyhoo, I hope its cleaner than it used to be. Our train started in Miami and it was pretty gross when it got to us. Sometime we came off the train with a cold. So arm yourself and have a safe trip.

  4. Been wondering what was up. Boy, that cold sounds nasty! We had it too a couple of weeks ago. Felt like an invasion of sinus aliens!
    Ever use a Neti Pot? A sinus cleaner-outer? Buy one...they are great and really help clean out house...if you know what I mean!!
    Take care and have a good trip to NY.

  5. I hope you feel better soon! Have a great trip.

  6. Oh no!! How awful,I know exactly how you feel and I'm glad I'm sitting at a wooden table and knocking on it as I say,"I'm well now!" It's taken six weeks for me to feel ok and I so hope you recover much quicker. I still have to build my strengh up as I get tired easy but when I think of those weeks I couldn't speak,at least I have a voice now. Look after yourself hope you're better for your trip.

  7. sorry you're feeling crummy. enjoy your break!!

  8. Oh dear! I hope you're feeling better by now! I too have been attacked by the cold-monster. It needs to clear up soon! Have fun at the wedding! ~Angela PS: I was engaged on a Friday the 13th. Best Day EVER!! :)

  9. It's going around! I remember about your st. Patty's trip! Hope this comment finds you enjoying a Black and Tan! And feeling better.

  10. Sorry, I'm so late on this for I've been sick too. My son came home with some germ & gave it to me. Sigh...hope you feel better by now.


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