June 15, 2013

Part 1 Bahama trip- The pictures.

My brother Gerard had a nickname for me when it comes to traveling; he calls me "the anchor." Whenever we travel you can count on me being searched, the plane being late, the line going thru security being the longest line you have ever seen...there are more scenarios but my guess is you're getting the picture?

So before I give you all the tales of "the anchor" and what happened that almost put the brakes on our trip to The Bahamas I'll show you some of my photos.

And for all of you who know I never loose my cool you will have a treat. There will be tales of me yelling and and I will admit to using some potty mouth in fits of anger!! I kid you not!! When you hear what happened my guess is you will understand my anger.

Before I get to the whole sordid story in Part 2 however I thought I'd treat you to some of the lovely scenes from our vacation in Freeport in Grand Bahama.

This was our resort and we actually stayed in the first section of the blue condo's on the ground floor. It was a studio apartment and very comfortable. As you can see just beyond the palm trees is the beach; very convenient. There was also a lovely private outdoor space with a little private pool and couch for lounging and reading. 

In this nighttime picture located on the left of the patio is the private pool and the couch area is on the right. It was really one of my favorite area's of the resort. We're not all that concerned about the indoor space which in my opinion was a bit dated. Seriously though,who goes to the Bahamas to stay indoors?

This is the view from the resorts restaurant! OMG! We would sit here in the breeze and sip on cold beers eat a light lunch . Seriously how good is that?

Very quaint don't you think? Although I have to be honest I was very shocked at the high costs of food on the island. I've traveled to other islands and I wasn't prepared to pay almost five dollars for a quart of orange juice and all other groceries were out of this world expensive. I guess I thought since Freeport was in close proximity to Florida (about 70 miles) I thought the prices would be more on par with our costs. 

There is nothing better than pulling a chair under one of these palapa's and reading a good book. I actually read two books while I was there. I'll tell you about them in another post since the author was one of my A-Z friends.

We didn't have perfect weather while we were there. There was a storm on one of the close by islands so there were a few stormy days. Although you couldn't tell by this picture! And we spent any cloudy time browsing the shops and in the casino. 

Beyond the jetty there is a waterway that is used by the boats and ferries. If we wanted to visit the local restaurants or markets we had the option to hop a ferry or to drive in our rental car and go around. We actually drove. Or I should say Bill drove! I wasn't that courageous driving on the opposite side of the road.

I'm not quite sure what kind of bird this is but he and his mate would walk around the resort late in the day and during the hot parts of the day they would perch up in the tree tops. 

The beach that our resort was located on Taino beach. As you can see it was a lovely white sand beach with beautiful blue water. Vacationing just a few feet from it was not difficult at all. 

And last but not least.
Here's one of the many beautiful flowers that were blooming around the resort. It seemed to me every bush had blooms. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 Bahama trip-The drama coming soon!


  1. Oh the photos are just beautiful. I need to go there and just chill. Looking forward to the drama in post 2.

  2. What a beautiful spot for a vacation. Very lovely photos.

  3. I'm envious... absolutely green with it! And the photos are gorgeous!

    1. coffee Lady, I would definitely recommend going!

      Marcy, It was thanks.

      Ms A, Once thing calm down in your life hop a plane woman.

  4. Oh my to the pending drama - when things started off so beautifully!

  5. Keep us hanging Jen!!
    My very first trip on my own was to Freeport! It was my graduation from university present to myself. I LOVED it there....paradise for this 'country boy' from Nova Scotia. And I got the worst sunburn possible!! Had to spend a lot of time in a tub of ice to cool down!! I had a huge Afro in those days and the locals thought I was a bro and I had a hard time convincing them otherwise!!
    Part 2 please!!

  6. The photos are gorgeous Jen! I'm drooling with the anticipation of going on our vacay now. But, $5.00 for a quart of OJ...OMG!!! I'm with Kenya...drama comes with these beautiful pics. No way...

  7. Beautiful, what a great vacation getaway!

    1. Kenya, Actually things started with drama, you'll see when i post part 2.

      Jim, YOu mean the sunburn didn't convince them?? That's so funny!

      Sonya, I know the prices were really bad! Thank goodness beer wasn't very expensive!! I think I'll post part 2 today.

      Sarann, It was incredibly beautiful. And the weather is just perfect.

  8. OMG Jen I am so jealous. The sun the water the beauty WOW. Looking forward to Part II.

    Thanks for coming by for a visit and your kind words regarding Kitty.

    Came by from

  9. Gorgeous photos! I could definitely handle sitting in that spot for lunch. Can't wait to read part 2. I'm late here, so it's already up. :)

  10. talk about living a full life!

    Guess What?

    Mr. Liverpool and I worked at Cable Beach in Nassau for 3 years until I got pregnant.



  11. Oh my goodness how lovely is this. What a beautiful place you are so lucky not to be too far away from it,wonderful.Ilove the colours of the buildings,so summery.

  12. YAY!!! I'm glad I scrolled through past posts!!! ~Angela


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