November 19, 2013

the beggar at our door with a twist

Last month the grandsons found a cute little kitten on the front deck. 
Poor little thing seemed hungry and quite frankly it seemed lonely. It meowed 
and meowed at the door for hours and hours begging to come in the house. 

We finally called the next door we suspected since he had other cats 

the little one came from there.I came to find out after being forwarded
to another number he'd been hospitalized and left the kitten unattended.
No wonder he was trying to get in my house!

I don't think I was out of line when I told his mother that if he wasn't taking care of the kitten
that we'd find it a home for him. His mother promised to come pick the little fellow 
up later that day and take him to a family member who would care for him.
So we took him in and gave him a good meal.  
Not unlike my cats Tarzan and Cheetah he's a light orange almost buff with a few stripes on his tail. 
After part of the day at our house the little guy went off never to be seen again! 


Two weeks ago the kitten was back crying at our door again. 
Oh brother!

Meow Meow... I started looking for homes again. This time however
I didn't bother calling dumb ass next door. He'd knew exactly where to find
his kitten if he wanted to. Then we waited to see if he'd come 
over to find his kitten. I'd grow old waiting!

We have three cats total, Besides the orange cats that I mentioned 
earlier in this post we also have a large tabby named Linus. Because 
the cats are indoor/outdoor cats we have two kitty doors; one each
by the front and back doors. The kitty doors are necessary for two primary reasons
one; because we've lost two cats to packs of killer hunting dogs and second because we'd spend all
of our days letting them in and out like human door man if we didn't. Cats are like that. 


By the second day of kitten living  on and under our deck I said to 
Bill. "If he learns how to get in the kitty door, he'll never leave." 
And dumb ass neighbor still hadn't come to get him.

That night we went to bed resolved to find a home for the little guy.
And the next morning.... 


Bill and I woke up and..... the kitten was in our bed, between us,  under the covers 
sound asleep on his back. 
Remember what I said about the kitty door? 
From my mouth to Gods ears. 

We named our little orphan kitten Oliver Twist. 
(an apt name since he steals ANY food from the garbage or any other place you leave it unattended)


  1. Hi Jen - they do have a way of making it into our hearts don't they .. lucky kitten I think. So pleased he/she has found a good home .. enjoy!! Cheers Hilary

  2. Thank goodness it was the kitten that entered through the kitty door and ended up in bed with you... and NOT SOMETHING ELSE! Yikes!!!

    Hello, Oliver, you cute little thing. You've found the ideal home.

  3. Too cute! When I read the part of the kitty door, I figured he would find a way into your house and your heart :)


  4. Aaah, he has obviously chosen to live you and your family - he knows a good thing when he sees it!

  5. Clearly this kitten knew where he wanted to be. Seems like a good choice to me!

  6. Oh Jen I'm in tears laughing at the cat appearing in your bed. He must have realised where he would be well off,cats are like that. I want to know about these packs of killer dogs,goodness I'm scared for your cats now.

    1. ps. I need a german shepherd dog sized door because my dog is in and out of the house all day long he is such a pain,if we don't lock the back door when he goes out he can open it trailing mud through the house and as he has not learned to close the door behind him the house is freezing,I'll swop for kittys.

  7. LOL! Somehow I knew this orange kitty's new home was going to be yours. Aww...Oliver Twist is too cute of a name. He had you at m-e-o-w. :)

  8. Oliver Twist hit the JACK POT)))

    fabulous story!!! Xx

  9. AWWWW! How sweet is this Jen! Oliver is one lucky kitty! He knew you guys would come around!! lol Just took a little while.

  10. Sometimes they just pick us. They know something we don't. Apparently, number four is your lucky number in pets too. :-)

  11. I love the name Oliver Twist, and he is one cute and smart cat! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Jen!


  12. aww. nice of you to take him in..


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