May 21, 2012

I'm Kreativ, Kreativ, Kreativ

You do not glasses my friends you are seeing triple. I'm feeling the love this week. Three of my blog friends have given me the Kreativ Blogger Award . I'm going to list them in the order in which I received them.

Thanks so much to Kela over at Teardrops On My Book who was kind enough to give me the first of my Kreativ Blogger Awards. I also won an E- Book on her blog this week, I'm so excited! I am so grateful for her generosity, both for the award and for the book. Please go visit her and show her some love.

My second award was given to me from my new friend Kathleen, she lives in Newfoundland. During the A-Z Challenge she was one of my regular stops. What wonderful pictures and interesting blog posts Kathleen wrote, it was always so enjoyable, so please give some blog love to Kathleen over at My Dark Cove Pantry. You will not regret it. Thanks Kathleen, I appreciate this award very much. Actually I was going to give Kathleen the award when Kela gave it to me, funny huh?


And last but not least, my friend Gina whose blog is a must read for me. Three's a charm girl friend! Gina is an inspiration to me because she is remarkable, not only does she writes every day, but her writing is smart, she's interesting and she's funny! Now who wouldn't want to read her stuff? Go visit her and see for yourself at Does Anyone Care What I Write?  and you'll see what I'm talking about!


Now I have to tell you ten facts about myself that you might not already know.

  1. I have never met a famous person in my life, not a sports star, movie star, rock star or anyone of note.
  2. I do not sing in the shower but I sing like a fiend in the car, if you call what I do singing, I do not have the greatest voice.
  3. I'm afraid of heights, I've been know to get up on the roof and then had a bit of a problem getting on the ladder, looking down is a problem....
  4. I have never traveled to any of the central states of the United States, I've been to most all states on the east coast where I live and I've traveled to the west coast but none of the states in the middle. Never been to Europe either!
  5. I am a movie freak, I watch a lot of movies and I have the collection to prove it.
  6. I am addicted to true crime shows like The First 48 and Notorious....others.
  7. Do you like air conditioning? Not me it makes me feel a bit closed in! We have central air and I turn it off every chance I can. I prefer the fresh air and the windows open. Living in Virginia however it can get pretty hot so I have to use it more often than not for most of the summer unfortunately.
  8. I cannot live without coffee, it is necessary to me functioning, when I come downstairs in the morning I go right for the pot! 
  9. I do not belong to Twitter or Facebook and Pinterest. I think I might probably the only one who isn't on them!
  10. I spent my honeymoon on a small 36 foot boat where we traveled  from Long Island out into the Atlantic Ocean up the Hudson River past the Statue of Liberty and NY City to Up-State New York and back. 
I am supposed to pass this award to seven people, but I find that task impossible there are way to many good blogs to choose from. Since I appreciate the people who read and follow my blog old and new, I'd like to give this Kreativ Blog Award to all my readers and followers... Also if you visited and commented during or after A-Z on one or more of my blog posts I appreciate you,  please consider this award to be yours too!

Thanks so much everyone!


  1. Congrats on your award. Love hearing your ten facts about you. I'm only allowed to sing when I am on my own in the car!!

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I loved reading your 10 things, and I have to tell are not the only person who is not on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest---neither am I!!


    1. You are very welcome Kathleen....
      Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest....finally someone else!

  3. Great list, it's always fun to learn new fun and intersting things about the bloggers I follow!

  4. Congrats on the award!
    Yes, coffee is my Friend too.
    I was going nuts on Facebook and on Twitter. And then got burned out. I closed them both. But then I wondered what would happen if I tried to sign in to Facebook and wouldn't you know it, everything came right back. YOU CAN'T QUIT! I don't even want to attempt Pinterest. Ugh!

  5. Jen---I have to confess that I just took the time to really read this blog. I want to tell you that I think you are amazing. I have to tell that my heart split down the middle when I saw the photo of your two children who died......I am sending you a huge hug. You and your husband have lived through every parent's worse nightmare.

    You should definitely consider writing a book...and I love your writing style. A memoir of your experience and how you got through could help so many people.

    Cheers to you, my friend!!

    1. Kathleen, Thank you so much for your concern, you lovely comment and your hug...all are appreciated.


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