May 29, 2012

pull up a vintage chair....

Not much going on here. I've sort of fallen into the rhythmic lull of summer....slow!  Bill and I spent a quiet weekend doing gardening... picking weeds, trimming hedges, planting pots but not doing much of anything else. Oh there is the chairs, I forgot.....keep reading.

The weeds were getting out of hand in the rows between our tomatoes and other veggies. Good news is while weeding we found 5 tomato pants that have grown up naturally [Bill calls them orphans] from last year from seeds. Our peppers [bell] and eggplant [Japanese] and cucumbers [burpless]  are  looking great....happy about those cucumbers since they had a rough start. The eggplant and the peppers are wonderful, tall, full and strong.

eggplant, pepper and cucumbers
Do you remember during A-Z when I got the Mick Jagger Poster at that local auction? Well that day we also bid on some vintage 1940-50's metal porch furniture. We've been hard at work sanding, prime painting and refinishing three awesome chairs that I paid $110.00 [for all three]. The first two pictures are the two chair styles we got and the color and condition the chairs were in.

we have one of these

and two of these, one chair one rocker
Now we're at the point where we're just starting to tape out and paint the accent color on the raised trim area's. Bill purchased the paint for the chairs, red [fire engine] and for the accent color he chose marigold [a bit more orange than a school bus]. This chair below is just showing one coat of  red after all the sanding priming. This is pretty labor intensive work, we've been at it for a while! We'll finish soon I hope. I'll put up pictures when they're done, I promise. They're gonna look really good!

Btw, I was expecting to do a guest post over on  today May 29th [Tue] but to due to a scheduling conflict of some kind I've been rescheduled for June 1st. [that's this Friday] I do hope you'll swing by and read it then. The topic I chose to write about  is role models.

Other than that life is pretty much hot; summer has arrived.....


  1. You had some awesome finds that day at the auction! Those chairs are beautiful and I can tell how time consuming they were. You'll love having them this summer. It was a scorcher here this past weekend so I'm sure it was for you too! Enjoy your garden and your orphans. Will be waiting to read your guest post.

  2. Ooohhhh, your chairs are gems!!!!!

    I love it when someone finds something and puts the hard work and time into refurbishing it. We often overlook jewels in the rough, but it is so rewarding when we put the time in on something like that. The colors you have chosen are really good....can't wait to see the finished chairs.

    I've missed you----I figured you were pretty busy in your garden or traveling.

    What's your favourite thing to do with eggplants?

    1. I like to grill my eggplants Kathleen with fresh basil and olive oil. I salt my eggplant first then press with a paper towel to wipe off the beads of water.

      Now that I'm watching what I eat this would be a treat. I would cut them the length of the eggplant take the skin off. Dip them in an egg-wash then fine oatmeal[instead of flour] put through a coffee grinder to fine. Fried lightly. Mix some ricotta cheese with fresh parsley and an egg yolk maybe some parmigiana cheese. Then I'd roll the eggplant with the cheese inside standing them in a light bed of red marinara sauce, cover with mozzarella and more sauce. Bake 375 for about 45 minutes depending on how much your cooking. My favorite way to eat eggplant, a bit of pasta and a salad this is yummy Kathleen. And what's neat is it's already portioned out with each roll.

  3. Those chairs are quite the find.
    Our Italian neighbor collects the seeds from his tomato plants and he his very thick Italian accent..."Deese are da best in da county"
    He sings to them.
    I'm not lying.

    1. I bet he drink home made wine, that's why he sings to them!! lol

  4. The chairs look good alraedy as you say ,hard work, looking forward to seeing the finished product. Our large glass top from our garden table smashed during the high winds so what I'm hoping to do is replace it with a wooden top and place mosaic tiles on it in some sort of pattern, never done anything like it before so wish me luck.

  5. Hi, Jen! I love your blog and have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award 2012. Check out my post:
    Thanks! ~Angela, Whole Foods Living

  6. Those chairs are beautiful!! Love them and I can't wait to see them totally finished!

  7. Love the chairs! Our veggie garden is getting a sabbath rest this year, ok, that's just an excuse for not getting around to it. Will you come weed at my house? They're out of control.
    Don't know how I didn't get around to not following you during A-Z, but I remedied that today.

  8. Love, love, love those chairs! I am looking for a metal rocker/glider couch/sofa. I want to paint it lime green! Let me know if you see one--I'll drive to VA! :-)

  9. My parents had that chair, but with a slightly different cut out design. & weirdly, in that deep red of the first pics...I say weirdly because it did not come that color. My dad painted it to match our shed(left-over paint). This brings back really good memories.

  10. The chairs look great with just one coat of paint! I can't wait to see the finished product! It's wonderful that you and your husband are so artistic and enjoy gardening! Julie

  11. Those are going to look great Jen! All that energy will pay off! Looking forward to seeing the end product.


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