June 5, 2012

Blog Award Day - Passing it on

I was happy to make many new friends when I did the A-Z Challenge in April. Two of them have honored me today with the Kreativ Blog Award. Thank you ladies I happily accept..

Now to the business that goes along with such honors, blog love- linking back to the lovelies who have given me this award, answering 10 questions, 10 facts about me, and passing this award on to other bloggers.

These dear and generous bloggers are....

Jolie writes the blog Precious Monsters. Her blog is devoted to all things monster, yes that's right! Vampires, zombies, werewolves, ghosts and the like. Jolie is a writer, an editor and of course a blogger. She's has a novella coming out in July 2012 called Litria. You can read about it and be able to purchase it from here. Jolie's blog is unique and oh so fun, there are monster facts, blog hops and guest posts. Go visit, I know you're gonna love it and her.

Angela writes the blog Whole Foods Living.  Angela has a passion for fresh foods and cooking. She shares her knowledge and experience about  how to incorporate whole foods and live healthier. I must admit to having a bit of a blog crush on Angela and her blog. She is a real inspiration to me at this point in my life when I'm trying to eat more healthfully myself. Please go pay Angela a visit, there is so much to learn and she's just the person to teach you.

10 Questions About Me
1. What is your favorite song? I don't think I can name a favorite song,  but I'm partial to the music of the 60's and the 70's the period from when I was growing up. 
2. What is your favorite dessert?  There is nothing better than a good cannoli from my favorite Italian bakery in New York. 
3. What ticks you off? People being rude about stupid things really ticks me off. Generally I dislike mean people but it really ticks me off when I see people who are mean to wait staff or a check out person when they are trying to do their job. Sometimes I wonder if they think they can get away with it because they think this person is employed in lesser paying job and somehow that translates into the person somehow actually being less of a person. 
4. What do you do when you’re upset? I'm a talker so I'll talk about it until I calm down. Remember I went to therapy and it worked!!
5. Which is was your favorite pet? I have three very smart cats, Linus, Cheetah and Tarzan. If I picked one they'd find out and be pissed at me!
6. Which do you prefer, black or white? Black because it's slimming. 
7.What is your biggest fear? Since I've already lived through most parents biggest fear there is always that worry still that something might happen to one of my other children. Sad but true.
8. What is your attitude mostly? Hopeful
9. What is perfection?  The way my babies smelled when I nuzzled up to their little bodies. 
10. What is your guilty pleasure? Vacations and traveling 

10 Things About Me

1. My pierced ears are not even, the left one is lower than the other.
2. On my second day of kindergarten I fell and hit my forehead, sometimes even now when I make a certain expression you can still see the bump. Yup I really did clobber myself something hard!
3. Three years ago I got my first female doctor, before then all my doctors throughout my life had been male.
4. I think I'm probably a bit claustrophobic. I dislike when the windows in the house are closed and I always freak out when we stay in a hotel that doesn't have sliding doors or windows that open. I end up have some type of breathing problem/ tiny little panic attack as a result of widows and doors being closed. See #8
5. Sometimes I like to make breakfast for dinner, I like eating it too!
6.Sushi and sahimi [raw] are my two favorite way of eating salmon, I prefer it over cooked.
7. I am proficient with chopsticks and have been since a young age thanks to my father who spent some time in Japan and China after the war.
8. Sometimes I think the animal kingdom is out to get me...hehe, let me explain. I sleep next to and open window most nights. There's this neighborhood hound/beagle dog who howls most nights like he has his nuts [sorry but its true] in a vice. If that isn't bad enough there is a mockingbird who has insomnia and sings half the night until the sun comes up. 
9. I always have grand vacation plans to go many different places but when push comes to shove I always end up at the beach.
10. I'm a chronic leg crosser when I sit, not good for the veins btw! 

Now to the business of passing this on. I would like to just let all my blog friend know that I appreciate you and my relationships with you. I would like you to consider this Kreativ Blogger Award yours as well with my appreciation and respect. 

Thanks Jolie and Angela. Much appreciated. 


  1. All these awards you've been awarded have been fun for us. We get to learn all this stuff about you. Question after question, fact after fact. Very fun! I'm with your question #3. That HACKS me off like no other.

  2. I really enjoyed reading these, and thanks for the shout out! I also love the beach. My husband and I are partial to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We've been there at least 10 times. I hope to return next year.

    1. I've never been to any beaches in Mexico but if you've been there 10 times it must be special....Bill and I really love St Marteen, the Island is kinda on the small side so its really easy to just rent a car and navigate around from beach to beach. So many beauties to choose from it's great. And the food on the French side is wonderful, we'd go there every night and eat. yum!

  3. I think you may have some Issues. I'm just sayin'!
    Love ya!

  4. I commented and then my internet connection stopped. I was just saying that I agree with you on the waiter/cashier thing. I've been both and I always tell my single friends to pay attention to how your date treats the waitress because that's how he'll treat you in six months.

    1. This former bartender agrees Pamela. And I forgot animals we can add that one. Once I had a date pick me up at my apartment. The fist thing he did after coming in and sitting down was kick my dog because he tried to greet him. I showed him the door that very minute. That type of behavior is so telling!.

  5. hey Jennifer

    I loved reading this post!! You make me laugh---you also remind me of me!!!

    I'm totally with you on how some people treat servers and are so rude to them. Put yourself in their shoes...they may be having a terrible day or have a wicked headache. They are only human....just like you. I think I actually fumed when I read about the guy who kicked your dog away.....aaarrgghhh!!!!!!

    I always say...watch for the little things. It's the little things that people say and do that tell so much.

    1. I loved that dog Kathleen he was pretty much a puppy at the time that happened. He lived to be 18 he was a good dog that guy was a jerk!

  6. I wish I could use chopsticks, I think that is an awesome gift! And the leg crossing thing...my legs are asleep as I sit here! If I don't cross them, I slip down in the chair! It's fun to learn quirky things about other bloggers. Congrats on the award!

  7. Congrats on the award!! Totally deserved!
    I think it's funny that you notice that your ear piercing is uneven :)
    It's funny that you mention the clautrophobia. This one time in Mexico, we had the sliding doors open and a tarantula found it's way on the patio. So we had to shut the door...and we kept it shut!

    1. Thanks friend. Would have killed that sucker and kept the door open...maybe! yikes.

  8. With each award I learn more and more about you.
    Sorry I was out lately, will get back on track soon.

    1. Pretty soon everyone will know everything!!
      Hope you're enjoying your summer....

  9. Congrats on your award, well deserved of course! Loved reading your answers :)

  10. I'm so glad you were honored with this award because you have such an enjoyable blog. I Love the Beach! It is my happy place. Oh, and I uncrossed my legs after I read #10.


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