June 18, 2012

This is just frightening

You'd need to be living under a rock about now if you haven't heard the story on the little boy age 6 who was subjected to being slapped in the face, head and chest by 24 of his classmates multiple times while in school.

This episode was orchestrated ( i can hardly believe it) by his kindergarten teacher who decided it would be an instructive lesson to show this 6yr. old alleged bully what it fell like to be bullied. So she lined all his friends and classmates up and instructed them to hit him to teach him this lesson. Those kids who didn't want to participate were forced to participate against their will

Warped teacher lessons

Lesson- 1  I will teach you to deal with a bully by engaging in a violent act against your will. 
( this child is alleged to be a bully)

Lesson- 2 I am a trained professional a "teacher" certified by the state to educate children better then parents. Oh that's right, I was fired....sorry! 

Ugh! As a parent of 5 and a grandparent 5 I cannot tell you how disturbing it is to me to hear how this child and indeed the other 24 children in this class were treated by a trusted adult.  She has failed miserably as a role model, to teach the children appropriately and to keep them safe.

I think we all know and if we don't we need to be reminded how impressionable and vulnerable our children are at the age of 6. The very thought that this person had even a passing impact on any child is frightening. 

Now if all of this wasn't frightening enough, take a look at a small sample of the comments below,  I read them while checking out this story and decided to share snip-its of  what could only be described as rabid dogs on a fresh piece of meat. 

  • Bullies, begins in the home, where's the line to slap the parents?.......

  • The kids must not have hit him too hard if he didn't have a single mark after being slapped 24 times....

  • The mother destroyed the teacher's career but she still has her little demon to raise. If a few years, she can visit him in prison. Who will she blame then?............. 

  •  I'd bet Aiden is one very spoiled rotten, cruel little jerk ... the teacher should not be banned from teaching over this ... if you don't believe there are just evil little 6 year olds, just sit in on a few kindergarten and first grade classes and you'll be able to spot 'em without much difficulty ... pity that teachers can't simply kick these really disruptive and bully-type kids outta public schools for extended periods. Far better to expel a few awful students who, through their behavior, are thieves stealing any chance for learning ... and they are stealing that chance from their classmates ... Far better to "boot out" a few bad kids than a teacher.

  • I think they should let 24 teachers line up and slap the mother of this little punk. Sounds like mama's little man should be allowed to do anything he wants. The teacher who came up with this idea has set up a really good teaching environment. Life is tough little guy and every thing you do has a payback, for better or worse. 

Regarding teachers actions, I would be very concerned if she entered the classroom again, furthermore it wouldn't surprise me in the least if she didn't  face some type of criminal charges for her actions on top of her dismissal from her teaching position. 

It seems the majority of the adults (anonymous comments) seem to think the teacher deserves a pass. I have some strong opinions about anonymous comments and the people who write crap hiding behind a mask but I'll leave that for another day and another post.  I can't seem to wrap my head around this premise that the fault lies with the mother and child and not with the teacher. Schools have bullying policies, teachers should be equipped to set boundaries in the classroom, monitor behavior and discipline appropriately.  So what do you think?

Am I the only one who thinks these comments are horrible? And this situation, you thoughts?


  1. Well, she certainly didn't handle a bullying situation very well. My daughter had a bully and I contacted the school counselor who handled it discreetly and got the girl's parents involved. (This was a serious threat)
    Yes, I think the teacher should be fired and not allowed to work with kids because she is perpetuating violent behavior.
    And I can't stand reading mean, venomous attacks on news articles by those who think they can hide behind the anonymity of the internet.

    1. I'm sorry about your daughter Pamela, no child should ever have to deal with such threats when they should be doing things that kids do.... like being kids. I know you and hubby must have been very worried. I'm so glad the school responded appropriately to your concerns about the bully threatening your daughter.

  2. I am appalled by this. Makes me sick. I had not heard this story. And I'm bothered by the comments too. I'm am with you on this!

  3. I, too, am thoroughly appalled by the teacher, the parents raising this child and the comments left. What kind of rock are all these people hiding under?

  4. I don't think this story has reached the UK yet because I haven't heard it.It is awful and if that teacher doesn't know she is being a bully herself then she really shouldn't be teaching. At six years of age there's a lot better ways to teach a child not to bully. As for the comments,heaven helps us that we have to live among those sorts of people.

  5. I am not opposed to putting my fist through a bullies face...and I have done so.
    Some of those little turds need to be put in their place, however, this "group" beating is way over the top especially when a teacher coordinated the event.

    1. I think this teacher is a few crayons short of a box that's for sure!

  6. I must have been living under a rock because I hadn't heard this (in my defense...I've been hiking/climbing up in the mountains away from news/technology). She was definitely in the wrong...I wouldn't be surprised if there's legal action either. Hmmm...wonder what else I've missed (besides you of course). :)

  7. I have not heard this either, but I am in shock by this teacher actions.

    1. Not who I'd want in my kids classroom either. My guess is she's up to her neck in hot water.

  8. Recently I was at a school for children who have Acted Out in mainstream & who are now placed in a different environment so that basically they don't screw it up for all the other kids. The gym teacher yelled: If you act like animals I will treat you all like animals.
    I get what you are saying. It is criminal what happened to that small child.

  9. In all the moving chaos I have been living under a rock, and hadn't heard about this story. How awful!!!!! I'm so glad she was fired. That poor child.

  10. Wow. My son is 6. Seems to me it's the teacher who is being the bully here, telling the kids to hit this child. I wonder how those kids felt. I'm pretty sure my son would have been pretty upset. He knows hitting is wrong, yet his teacher tells him it's ok. Terrible!

    1. So true Jennifer! She is a bully. And there are a lot of hurt and confused
      6 year old's as a result of her actions now.


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