July 17, 2012

Oh so fabulous!

OK people first let me say ....

I have received so many amazing and loving comments to my last post I am truly blessed to call you all my friends. You really are all fabulous, and if you didn't know it before I'm telling you now.

Which brings me to the topic of my post today.

My friend Mare over at adventures in the ballpark gave me this fabulous blog ribbon before I took my bit of a break. Now it's time to pass it on to some of my friends, that's not to say that you're all not fab but I have a limit of five!

The fabulous blog ribbon must be shared, which I'm happy to do although sometimes I wonder if there's anything you don't already know about me!! Open book and all..... 

Name five things I've experienced in my life that were fabulous. 
My top five:

  1. Holding my children for the first time after giving birth.
  2. Falling in love.
  3. Walking on the beach after a rain; somehow that just never gets old.
  4. Walking into my house the first time and knowing it was "the one".
  5. When my entire family gets together,mom, siblings, nieces, nephews, kids, aunts, uncles, cousins.. for a gathering; this is always fabulous!

List five things I hate:

  1. Racists and bigots 
  2. light beer
  3. people who talk on their cell phones in restaurants and check out lines
  4. gossip and gossipers
  5. weeds in my garden

Five things I love:
  1. my family, including pets
  2. gardening, especially my tomatoes when they haven't been roasted in constant 100 + degree weather.
  3. the beach, yippee vacation is a week from next Saturday!
  4. fresh sheets after a nice shower at the end of a long day.
  5. my friends 
Pass the award to five other bloggers (and leave a comment on their blog, so they know they are a recipient.)

  1. My friend Pamela writes a wonderful and enlightening blog about death called  The death writer. Since death is a natural process it's treated as such and spoken about openly and honestly on her blog. I think you will find it is a wonderful blog full of touching stories.
  2. My friend Kenya is a writer and has published a book about her son Christopher called The Christopher Chronicles, he's an adorable child who says the cutest things which is the topic of the book. She's open honest and writes from the heart on her blog Here's the thing...
  3. Melissa is one of my dear friends in blog land and writes a wonderful blog called Mame musings where she writes primarily about her family and her adorable twin children Drew and Emily. Melissa is a wonderful person, strong and funny with a strong faith, she's a sweetheart.
  4. I've just met a new blogger recently and she has a huge heart and a wonderful blog. She does so many things in her community to make it a better place and she uses her blog to inspire others to do the same. Her name is also Jennifer and her blog is called Another jennifer; cute right?  Did I mention she's a talented writer? So..if you are going to BlogHer '12 don't forget to sign up for her workshop which is a Grammar Clinic- check her blog for details.
  5. And last but never least in my sweet and funny friend from Chicago Gina who writes the blog Does anyone care what i write. I owe her a BIG get well since during my absence she's had an accident that's left her out of commission and a bit down and a tiny bit strung out on coffee. I know this doesn't come close but i hope this ribbon makes you smile my friend :) Hugs!
Enjoy friends, you are fabulous!
And thanks so much Mare, your super-fabulous for being so kind. I appreciate it!


  1. "Fabulous" I say! Glad to see you back. I wish I had your green thumb. Our garden pooped out early on. Bugs and worms and such. Sad. Hope you had a wonderful break!

  2. Thank you Jen! I can't read yours until after I've written mine ;-) I just skimmed and know my hate part is going to be easy since a giant flying cockroach kept me from enjoying a nice evening on the porch.

  3. Those damn cell phone users are going to drive me to drink! I mean, drink even more.
    Congrats on the award!

  4. Thank you for the award! I'm honored.

    Have fun on your vacation!

    1. Very welcome Pamela. And if you are not the award type no pressure here I totally understand that some people aren't and my feelings won't be hurt one bit.

  5. Thanks, Jen, for including me on your list. I feel so honored! I'm right there with you in your love for gardening and hatred for weeds and light beer (or glorified water, as I call it)!

    1. What I said in Pamela's comment goes for you as well, if this isn't you thing I totally get it really I do! And I'd still have a real bee with you any way!

  6. Whoa wait...no light beer? hee hee.

  7. Yes that cellphone thing drives me crazy too. I could write a whole list of hates that would start and end with Walmart. I hate it when people are leaning on their carts and having a conversation on the phone while shopping. Thank you for your sweet comments about me here. My post is published ;-)

  8. You're too darn sweet to me. "Real girl beer" what a riot. Thank you, always, for your support.

    I left you an easy one over at my blog. You know, though, how I love when you have to answer questions so I'm disappointed.

  9. Congrats on the award Jen! Much deserved!

  10. Oh, wow! Thank you! I feel embarassed that it has taken me this long to say THANK YOU!

    You know I think you're pretty fabulous, too!!


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