July 25, 2012

wordless wednesday- how time flies

How Time Flies
Tick-tick-tick the clock moves
Sixty times and it’s a minute
A little while and it’s another hour
And soon dusk approaches
Night, then a new day
Few hours ago
Now termed yesterday
And before you know it
The year is gone
Sweet memories
Flashing through the mind
Like it happened 
Few seconds past
But lo
That was some years back
How seconds turn minutes
Minutes turn hours
Hours turn days
Days turn weeks
Weeks turn months
And you have a year
Oh how time flies 
Stewart Gideon

When I met him Billy was three when I married his father he was four, now he's 35.
(ok maybe not so wordless!)

Bill with our granddaughters Jillian and Ava (pink)
And yes I did make him that cake all by myself!


  1. Happy Birthday to Billy!
    p.s. You're Horrible at this Wordless Wednesday thing!

  2. What a great expression of love for Billy's birhtday. However wordy it was...love that poem. Yummy cake, too!

  3. happy birthday to Billy! Looked like a delicious cake! wishing him a great year ahead! Beautiful grands you have!


  4. What a great pic. Such sweet girls. And I think cake looks great! Celebrate your family!

  5. Beautiful Wordless Wednesday!

  6. Happy Birthday to Billy and Happy "Wordless" Wednesday a day late. Time flies too fast...

  7. I love love love this. And wonderful job on the cake!!!


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