August 7, 2013

Adjusting to changes

No matter whether changes are good ones or bad ones they always are a bit challenging for me. If you've noticed I haven't been on the blog for a while. The fact is there's been a big change in our lives recently.

Good; but a change all the same.

As you know Bill and I live alone with our cats.

Not anymore! But life's still peachy.

Bill's daughter and her family had made plans to move from Cyprus to the US and live on a temporary basis with another family member until they were established here with jobs and housing. We were thrilled that the five of them (she, her husband and three of their four sons) were coming back after some 25 years.

Well as things sometimes happen their living arrangements didn't work out and they were in a huge bind with no jobs or place to live for themselves or the children and going back wasn't an option. This is my husbands daughter and the fact is we've missed so very many years of her life.

So we ended up inviting them to come and stay with us until they get established. Now we are seven and not two and having a house full 24/7 is something that going to take some getting used to as we carve out our personal spaces and routines. To be honest I miss my privacy but it is awfully nice to have kids in the house again.

Bear with me if my posts are sporadic while we visit and get to know each other again, spend time with the boys and support them as they find jobs get their lives together here in the US.


  1. I wondered where you were Jen. How lovely to have your house full and lively again but I do know that it will be hard to get used to. Cherish this time together as eventually they will hopefully find a job and a house and the house will be yours again. Enjoy!

  2. Wow. What a change in lifestyle, but what a wonderful opportunity. Good wishes to all.

  3. I can only imagine how different life will be with a full house literally overnight. Best wishes!

  4. OH.MY... that is a very drastic change! Guess that's going to nip running around naked in the bud!

  5. Definitely adjustment period. I am glad you get to catch up on each other's lives. I am sure they are very grateful for you opening up your home to them.

  6. Hi Jen. Was wondering as to your whereabouts.
    Wow. That is a change but one that some families do for each other. Bill's daughter and family are in good hands.
    Take your time in this major adjustment and 'we' will see you when we see you. Take good care.

  7. Big change indeed. I grew up in a house with seven people -- siblings, relatives -- we sure had our fun days. Good luck. Sounds like real family spirit.

  8. This brings new meaning to your blog title! It's wonderful that you were able to help them out.

  9. You are an angel obviously. Sharing space with people is hard enough but when you have had only the two of you and now there are many more. An Angel xx

  10. Hi Jen - sounds like you and Bill have made the best decision possible - great that you'll get to spend time with Bill's daughter and her family ..

    now you were two, now you are seven - what fun - yes hair-raising .. but just so lovely .. enjoy .. cheers Hilary

    PS you'll have made their lives so much happier and easier ..

  11. IF you have the room, then why not. Families help each other out. Have fun and enjoy.

  12. --Sending love & kisses and hugs from MN. Xx

    How are you?

  13. That is a big adjustment,but I'm sure it'll be for only a short time. They are lucky to have you guys.

    Bear with it!!!!

  14. Ugh! If blogger had an edit button, I wouldn't have to delete. :-)

    That is a big change! You guys are wonderful to step up like you have!! Enjoy your extra company. I am so, so happy for you, Jen. How are the cats taking it?

    We had a little black kitty (LBK) stray in. Of course we fed her and gave her the basement (it's heated) and in return, she gifted us with a litter of kittens. She's little more than a baby herself. She got sick, passed in on to the kittens. Wow, it's expensive to take the whole gang to the vet. They are all on the road to wellville now. As soon as she's done nursing them, she has a date with the vet -- to be spayed. I think all three kittens are females. Black calico, a black and white, and a white calico that is also a manx. That's on top of our three rescue dogs. Never a dull moment.

    Oh, and our danged tomatoes look like they're blighting. :-(

    Nice to see you checking in! :-)

  15. Your family is very lucky to have you and your husband Jen! This will be a huge help to them and it will be nice to spend more time with your grandchildren. I know that it will be a lot of work for you, so try to get some rest.


  16. Sounds chaotic and fun at the same time! While I'm sure it's a big change in the household, I can imagine it's creating some lasting memories.

  17. WOW Jen XO !

    A new experience with lots of family. I've heard of similar families doing the same thing. I sure hope all's well and the kids are loving you to bits.

    Licks from Sophie!
    High 5 from me, Ron !


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