July 25, 2013

farmer jen

Our garden this year has been a mixed blessing. We are grateful for the abundance of veggies but frankly it's a real mess. To  much rain has the weeds out of control and the supports to the tomatoes flopping in one direction or another.

This is two days tomato harvest if you could believe it! I don't think we've ever had to break out the canning jars so early in the season for tomatoes but we are overrun. And that's a good thing! It's no lie when I tell you we eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner..

After we put all of those extra tomatoes thru the mill, cooked and canned them it amounted to 14 quarts of tomato puree/juice. Now we can use to make sauces, soups, bloody mary's, or to just drink fresh tomato juice whenever we like. We'll do this canning several time this season hopefully and have enough to last thru the winter plus to give as gifts.

I already showed you the finished product, my pickled beets already canned in my first smart phone post the other day here. This is what they looked like before. Have you ever eaten the greens? We even cooked the greens with some onion, bacon and a touch of cider vinegar and ate them with dinner.

We had to pick our potatoes a few weeks early so we didn't get as many as we had hoped. This is the basket of the larger ones. I also have two more baskets of medium and small. They should last many many months if we keep them cool and dry.

Is anyone doing any gardening this season. How's your garden growing? 


  1. Hi Jen - well all I can say that's pretty impressive .. yes someone here was saying their potatoes weren't so good .. but the rest of the veggie and fruits were doing ok.

    I don't have a garden - so would love to be able to do this .. nothing like bottling (as we call it) and freezing! Stocking larder and freezer for the winter ... I'll probably go and get some veggies and fruits from the farm and make my own too ..

    Cheers - lovely to see the husbandry .. Hilary

  2. We were always giving tomatoes away when dad had his garden. People thought we were so altruistic, but really, I didn't want to do all that canning.... ~Mary

  3. I have never actually seen tomatoes in those shapes,too much supermarket buying. My hubby's favourite drink is a Bloody Mary he'd love your tomatoe juice.

  4. Wow...what a harvest and it's not even fall! We use to garden, but our water shortage put a stop to that two years ago. We did lots of container gardening in big above ground planter boxes. Loved it and miss it very much. Sooooo, my garden does not grow...sadly! But it sure is nice to see that yours is growing great guns!!!!

    Sue CollectInTexasGal~Today's Post~
    Journal Writer and List Maker

  5. Wow, looks like you're set for a long while. Interestingly shaped tomatoes. I bet they are yummy.

  6. I dont garden but i do eat. Beetroot of the home made variety, also baked, beautiful x

  7. That's a great idea to have an abundance of a summer veggie and then be able to make Christmas gifts out of them - and they are red and pretty.

  8. Man, your garden must be huge!! I really wished I lived near you. I would help you weed in exchange for a few tomatoes. Your juice looks delicious. I'm not a beet fan, how else do you prepare them besides pickling? All I have ever had was a pickled one. I don't even really like pickles all that much, but I love cucumbers so I am thinking it may be the same thing with beets. Yum....my favorite starch...potatoes!!

  9. Tomatoes all winter, you are the smartest and bestest! I've always been worried I'd get botulism or something with my canning prowess so haven't attempted this is a few decades.
    Pickled beets are MY fave and could just sit and eat them for the whole meal ~~ not allowed because I have to share!
    Looks like the garden is being good to your this year!!


  10. That's a big harvest! I have a ton of basil and oregano right now. My tomatoes and peppers aren't quite ready yet. My corn is starting to get taller. Oh, and my spinach is yummy! Love gardening. :)

  11. wow - I am impressed. Our garden was the worst this year. Might have been the extreme heat.

  12. Dear Farmer Jen,
    You. Are. Incredible! Xx

  13. what a great harvest! we never have any luck. I'm jealous of all your tomatoes! You must have a green thumb. We got like 4 green beans and a dozen cherry tomatoes. That was it. We just don't know what we're doing, I guess!


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