July 24, 2013

my crush

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Who was my childhood celebrity crush?

Do you remember the movie Sandcastles? I would be surprised if you did. It came out in 1972.  I remember being absolutely crazy about it's male star Jan Michael Vincent. Here's the story....Jenna is a lonely  musician, who meets a stranger Michael played by Jan-Michael Vincent

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Their romantic meetings are on the beach are something of a mystery since everyone she knows tells her he doesn't exist; that he was in fact a criminal and was killed. There are very strong feelings between the two and I remember being completely enamored with this story and him after seeing this movie.

I was 12 at the time.


  1. Sounds... like an AWESOME flick. I was born in 72 so you have a couple on me...but love stories..I'm truly a sucker for!

  2. I don't remember the movie, but I do remember Jan Michael Vincent

  3. I was 12 in 72. He was so HOT! lol I never saw the movie, but I didn't even have to see the pic you included to remember his face.:-)

  4. This was a couple years before my time. I never saw this movie.

  5. I remember Jan Michael Vincent. Wonder if he is still alive. Off to IMDB I go x

  6. Oh yeah, I remember that perfect flick!

    Now my obsession is Jack White.

  7. I've never heard of him or the film although it does sound good,I wonder if there's a book of the film? My crush was David Cassidy,I loved him. Saw him in concert about five years ago along with the Osmonds and a few other seventies bands, I was so excited but he turned out to be vain and so full of himself and not as good as the others in the show,so disillusioned.

  8. My celebrity crush was Shawn Cassidy and then I moved on to the bad boy type with Billy Idol. My brother almost got into a fight with Jan Michael Vincent at a bar in California. He had quite an attitude.

  9. Never watched the show, but loved him in Air Wolf, a very good looking guy, and then he self-destructed with the booze and drugs. Saw him once in a brief ditty when Don Johnson had him on his show and he looked terrible, even though the camera tried to keep a distance and get his good side, such a shame he really short circuited his career.

  10. I (((REMEMBER))) Sandcastles!
    I was totally IN LOVE w/ Jan Michael Vincent. That gorgeous blonde hair...OH, My.

    WOW. Is that telling my age? Haaaaa

    Ok...seriously, I was 4 at the time. xx

  11. Sounds like a good movie. He has a good strong chiseled chin. I will have to see if netflix has it.


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