July 23, 2013

day or night

My friend Paula is doing a July Blog Challenge. If you click on the link below the banner that says Paula's Place it will take you to her blog if you'd like to join. If you click here it will take you to the list of daily topics for the month also at her blog..

What is your favorite part of the day and why?

I grateful for any day I wake up happy and healthy! That being said I do have the most energy in the morning provided I get a good nights sleep and I usually get a burst of energy about 8:00 p.m too. Comes in handy to get in a bit of tidying up or for doing a load of laundry in before the end of the day. 

But as far as one particular time, I have no favorites!

 photo 80ec86bc-f076-418b-af17-df39702285cb.jpg


  1. Me too! I am a morning person who takes time to 'warm up' to the day ahead. I don't like being rushed into a day. always been like this....so it's not an old man thing! lol

  2. I always have that burst of energy at bedtime too!

  3. I could use a burst of energy in the evening.

  4. I'm always up early and don't go to bed until late so I have no idea what kind of person I am.

  5. I wish I had that burst. Maybe I do and don't realize it because I am usually busy around that time of day. I do have the most energy in the morning.


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