July 21, 2013

body image

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What are your thoughts on how the media portray body image for young girls.

I cannot stress enough how many times I told my girls that starving skinny as a stick is not cool.  Don't even get me started on girls who think acting dumb is cute...drive me crazy. 

Dumb is dumb, having brains is attractive. 

Girls need to call on both their intelligence and their emotional intelligence to wade their way thru this. 

We HAVE to teach our kids just as we teach them to walk or talk; why not make sure our kids we teach them to love and care for their own bodies. 


Eat right, exercise....

Don't let them be inundated so that they believe images from mags, TV of bony models, and TV stars are the norm. Let me just say another thing that I've said before in another post this challenge; kids need to be kids and not be overly sexual in how they dress. 

I also think parents have to help them build healthy self esteem by being loving supports to their daughters relationships, academic and sporting activities. What our goal is as parents is to help our girls to feel as comfortable as possible in their own body/skin. 

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  1. I agree with you totally...it is up to US, the parents, to change this! Don't let your kids down

  2. we all seem to be in agreeance about this

  3. i'm thankful for my roll models i have had within my life & hope others can find their ways too...

    enjoy your week. ( :

    1. So important Beth...the people we look up too! I agree!

  4. Good post. I never wanted my daughter to play with Barbie dolls because of the skewed image of beauty they portray. She ended up receiving them as gifts, unfortunately.
    The skinny image is unattractive and unreal, but has too much impact on women. We still think thin is beautiful.

    1. They are horrible dolls I agree. There are so many facets to beauty and Barbie doesn't come to mind when I think of beauty inside or out!!

  5. Great Post!

    Here is my fave. clip about BODY IMAGE!



    1. That was an eye opener and
      a must see video Kim.


  6. Yes, everything, including what young girls think about their bodies, begins at home.

  7. That's how we begin at home...eat right and exercise. Almost like a checks and balances. I just hope my daughter continues to have a healthy self image.


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