July 4, 2013

If wishes were horses

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If you could rid the world of one thing what would it be? 

War, poverty, prejudice..all of them jumped into my mind one after the other right off. 

War, poverty and prejudice...Is one more insidious than the other? What I know is the world would be a much better place without them. I honestly can't say if one is the root cause of the other two but I have my suspicions that at the very least they're connected at the hip. I honestly can't say if one were eradicated if that would relieve the peoples of the world in whole or in part of the others.  That's for you to judge.

That being said since I have worked with the poor in the past and that is not only my history but where my heart is.

My choice is I would rid the world of poverty. 

"If wishes were horses then beggars would ride"


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    1. Thanks Sandy and God Bless on this Independence Day!

  2. Oh hey Jen, wanted to tell you I have trouble with your links. When I click on your name I don't go to your blog, I go to your google+ profile thing and have to really sort to try and find which blog. The other line that looks like a link in your signature Jen@ etc. doesn't work. Are you trying to do a hyper link?
    ...with no space between the url those symbols, then type whatever you want to be seen like either your name and blog name or post title, then follow that by without a space before those last set of symbols.

  3. I think without one, we won't have the others.

    1. Maybe one day Flora we'll do something to relieve this world of some of the suffering from all of them.

  4. Hi Jen .. couldn't agree more .. and I'd love to be able to ride - but getting rid of poverty and giving people freedom to think with choices - would be way better .. cheers Hilary

  5. Yes poverty prevents and leads to so much more.....mostly lack of education to be able to move forward.
    Great thoughts here Jen. So good to know you!
    happy 4th by the way!!

    1. So true Jim. I couldn't imagine not being able to read or worrying where my next meal was coming from or if I was going to have a roof over my head. Poverty is a horrible state of being.

  6. Great choices. I do think that they are all related/linked together. Hopefully someday they will all be eliminated!

  7. Those would all be great things to rid the world of.


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