July 6, 2013

15 minutes at sea

My friend Paula is doing a July Blog Challenge. If you click on the link below the banner that says Paula's Place it will take you to her blog if you'd like to join. If you click here it will take you to the list of daily topics for the month also at her blog..


If you could spend 15 minutes with any celebrity who would it be and why?

I have to admit I'm not a big fan of  any one classic celebrity "movie stars, musicians, tv celebrities and the like" so this was a hard one for me.

Being a typical Pieces and lover of any and all things related to the ocean however there was someone who entered my mind when mulling over this question. He might seem rather untraditional in the sense of celebrity but I think he's great.

 It was Jacques Cousteau. 

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Of course it would be very difficult for me to meet with him for 15 minutes since he's been dead since the late 1990's. But since I like him so much I named him anyway..and it is my blog so I get to break a few rules now and then. 

If you're not familiar with him he was a wonderful explorer, conservationist, filmmaker, scientist, photographer and author who studied the sea and the creatures living in it. Gosh I remember being a kid glued to his documentaries on T.V. What an amazing man he was!

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  1. That is an interesting choice. I found his shows interesting too back in the day.

  2. I knew there was a reason I clicked with you - I am a Pieces too!

  3. Great choice! The man was amazing and the fact that he could share it with us, made him even more amazing.

  4. I'd be right along side with you Jen! This man did incredible work and I would watch his programs on TV as well. Can you just imagine the adventure that would be?!

  5. OMY,
    I love that you picked Jacques Cousteau! This says much about your unique, unusual, interesting character, B.

    I'd probably pick someone like Lady Gaga & interview her for my blog.


  6. Fantastic choice Jen! I love that you didn't pick a Hollywood type. We have great respect for Jacques Cousteau. With my hubby being a SCUBA instdeuctor, we so appreciate Cousteau's contribution to the sport of modern diving. The word, "contribution" seems hardly enough. The man completely changed the way people dive. Nice post. Boy, do I wish I had time for this blog hop. looks like it will be a fun one! :-)

  7. I like your pick! I think he would be much better to hang out with than the typical celebs. Imagine all the cool stuff he would show you. Very cool!

  8. A great choice...in the world of Marine Biology/Explorer he was so much more than a celebrity. So, a Pieces, huh? Now you and I have another connection...I'm a Water Carrying Aquarian. Love It!!!

    This is a fun Hop....wish I had time, too.

  9. Good outside-the-box choice.

  10. Jacques Cousteau is a great choice! I bet he would have been a fascinating person to have lunch with.

  11. Huge fan of JC! I actually did a formal 20 page report on him. He's AN AMAZING man!

  12. He would be awesome to spend 15 minutes with. All that he has seen and done...wonderful. I like breaking challenge rules...heehee

  13. An interesting choice. I loved watching his documentaries. He was so passionate. Lisa x

  14. Great choice -- someone as interesting as Cousteau would definitely be on my list. I am SO tempted to click on that link and join your friend's blog challenge... if I could just organize myself soon enough. :)

  15. Good choice,I loved all his programmes,so interesting.


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