April 10, 2014

A to Z Challenge I is for Home Invader

theme‘My views of the south’as seen thru the eyes of a former New Yorker

I just want to be clear; nothing bad happened here….

Our home invader had four legs and was adorable.

Here’s the story!

The neighbor has a bunch of cats and one very cute orange kitten.

Then he went into the hospital and the very cute kitten was at our door every day crying meow…meow….meow..

And my grandsons said, “Grandma, he’s so cute!”

So I ran to the phone as quickly as I could and called the neighbors mother and told her if she didn't take the kitten away I’d find the little fellow a good home.

She took him away, but two weeks later and he was back at our door…meow….meow….meow…

I mentioned to my husband Bill “if that kitten follows our own cats thru one of our two kitty doors he'll never leave.”

You've heard of the expression.. from my mouth to God's ears?

Two days later I awoke and in between Bill and I under the bed covers was our little home invader laying on his back sound asleep IN OUR BED!!!

He had entered thru the kitty door and made his way upstairs to our bedroom.

He adopted us not the other way around; and we both agreed!

Our little orphan cat has finally grown out of his a garbage picking and food begging.

We named him Oliver Twist.


  1. I remember reading about this kitty before. Lovely when an animal chooses you.

  2. I'd say the blame lies with your other cats, a kitty door and your prediction. Orphan Oliver is a lucky kitty.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  3. How cute and if I had seen him he would never had made it back home I would have kept him.

  4. H Jen - what a lovely story - little mischeeeeevious put-cat .. and great you both agreed he'd better stay - he knew which side his bread was buttered! Great name too .. Oliver Twist .. cheers Hilary

    1. Anne, I have mentioned him before when he first came to us. Good memory my friend!

      Sue, We can add my no good neighbor who has never come to ask after him too!

      Glenda, I think it was in the stars Glenda!

      Hilary, Buttered bread and an always full garbage bin :)

  5. Aww that's adorable :) And you gave him the perfect name.

  6. I remember you mentioning this kitty. Not too many home invaders are welcomed in and given a loving home! LOL!

  7. I guess he found his way home didn't he?

    1. Rhonda, We tend to live with our animals for a while and see what name fits, and Oliver fit purrfectly!

      Ms A, I was a hard letter so I recycled an story told before...

      Paula, That's for sure. His tribe was living here anyway with Cheetah and Tarzan being yellow too!

  8. Wonderful story, Jen. He adopted you, that's right. So adorable, can't get enough of that photo.

  9. That is adorable story! He must have been been really fond of your home!

  10. Awww, I love this! So sweet! I actually also got adopted by an orphaned orange cat, who had a bad habit of eating garbage - and I also named him Oliver!

  11. He truly wanted to make his home with you! He is adorable!


    1. Silvia, He's a little devil always getting into something but we've come to love him.

      Madhu, I think at first he was just hungry now he fits right in with the other cats and us too!

      Liz, That is just too funny. Great minds right?

      Betty, Except when he's in the trash :)

  12. Very fitting name for this beautiful cat.

  13. What an adorable home invader! Sounds like it was love at first sight for all of you!


    1. Marcy, He really is something else...

      Julie, I sometimes think he likes his food bowl and my bed better than me but then he looks at me with those big eyes and I'm a gonner!

  14. I love that kitty.'
    I love that he found you to love him.
    Can I cuddle w/him, too?
    Fabulous story!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXX meowwwwwwwww


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