July 8, 2011

this is what I think- Friday Flip-Offs

Ok I admit it I'm as weak as the next gal and I need a good vent. Today I was reading on of my regular blogs reads Sluiter Nation and poof there it was, she was doing it oh yeah!. MOMMA KISS  has the greatest idea it's called Friday Flip-offs; vent your spleen on Friday and link up on her blog. HEAVEN!!! This is my first time and as you can see I'm flipping of several things.

Casey Anthony & The News
Has everyone heard enough on the news about Casey Anthony? If the news organizations spent half their time putting up pictures of missing children instead of drooling over that women maybe there would be less dead kids in the country! Just saying..

Being held hostage
Before my brother and his family came last week, Mom just about held me hostage in the wine and beer aisles of the store to make sure we had enough for everyone to drink; it was  a bit unnerving being held hostage- I almost broke open a bottle! Mom wants everyone to have their favorite adult beverages- this is good- holding me hostage until it is done- not so good!

My garden 
Every time it rains my damn tomatoes fall over into the mud; what a freekin muddy mess. My soil is yucky can we say the words pig snot?

Weekly doctors visits & my leg & the nurse
I hate going to the doctor and its a weekly thing now with this leg wound, and there is one nurse there- not liking her so much. 

No Vaca & my leg
I didn't get a vacation this summer, because of my stupid leg. I want to go to the beach really badly but can't, no sand or water. I would really like to strangle someone about now.

My leg 
No pool ; my leg again .Last week my brother and family came for the five year anniversary and I had to sit by the pool the whole week while everyone else swam, floated around, dove off the diving board and sun bathed. Talk about sucking! 

Grey hair 
Did I mention the grey hairs are turning whiter, crap! I'm using the box stuff now but surly its only a matter of time before I'll need professional help. 

Doctors who run late 
How about being on time Doctors? Running an hour behind, do you think I have anything else to do? I do have a life you know!

Oh and did I mention my leg?


  1. Hi Jen! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I'm finally getting a chance to pop back to yours and return the love!

    I love the idea of Friday flip-offs! I write a humor blog, so I'd have to figure out how to do a funny-flip-off to make it work for me, but I love it!

    I saw that you have a leg wound you are having trouble with. My husband recently had surgery and was having trouble with the wound -- it kept reopening and wasn't healing properly. We went to a small privately-owned pharmacy and they recommended this stuff called Wound-Be-Gone. It sounds silly, but it worked like a CHARM... within two days it had stopped oozing and was completely closed up. Amazing!

    They gave me a pamphlet when I bought it that showed how this stuff can heal even the most difficult of wounds... diabetic wounds... ulcers... pretty much whatever, so I thought I'd mention it to you.

    They have a website... it's www.woundbegone.com.

    And I had to laugh about your falling tomato plants. I just have no luck with tomatoes... we have crap for soil (it's all hard clay with shale rocks in it... TERRIBLE!!), so I plant them in pots, water them like crazy, fertilize, prop them up, speak loving words to them and sometimes sing, and all I get is about one and a half tomatoes from each plant. UGH!!! Eventually I gave up. But that's a story for another day!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Smiles, Jenn

  2. Thanks Jenn,
    Glad for your visit; love your site and your humor.
    Boy do I wish this wound wouldbegone! *giggle*

    Unfortunately it's past the ointment stage and to the skin graft stage, but thanks for the info.

    And about my tomatoes... to many is my problem if you could call that a problem- that's why they fall over! We're taking out the mill and the canning stuff already!

    See you around the blog soon!

  3. I tried to comment last week, but blogger took a crap.

    Being held hostage in the wine aisle, I'm pretty sure I'd be ok with that. Everything else deserves a huge FU from me, too.

    Thank you for linking up!


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