July 22, 2011

if you want to get drunk- get a sitter or get a mug shot - look and see

The beauty below in the mug shot is my former daughter in law, she it seems decided to go out and get plastered and left our granddaughter 10 years old and her little sister 2 years old (that would be the child she had by another man while still married to my step son) home alone until 1:45 am bar hopping with friends.

The police found the kids alone then later found her unconscious in a neighbors apartment, douche-bag! She was charged with two counts of contributing of the delinquency of a minor. I would not be lying to say I dislike this women, she is nothing but trouble always has been, now her stock just crashed not that it could have possibly have gotten any lower.

this is a mug shot of my former daughter in law
she's a beauty isn't she?
My granddaughter called her father to say she was frightened (if you read this blog regularly you know i never mention him- there is a reason) he's a moocher who doesn't work and lives off the kindness of others and he wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the ass. Pretty much makes it impossible to have a relationship with him since he doesn't have respect for boundaries;  he doesn't understand the concept and thus has none. He's no youngster nor is she they are both over 30.

So where was he you ask when she called him? On vacation in California. For what you might wonder since he doesn't work? I for one would love to know. He has two living siblings they work, they get vacations, that makes sense to me. He doesn't nor does this behavior.

So lets guess what he did and if the welfare of the kids is important to him?

Option one-  he answered the phone when the child called and came right home like any normal parent would do to protect and comfort his child and her little sister.

Option two- stayed in California and delegated his parenting responsibilities, put his beach pictures on Facebook not cutting his vacation short at all.

Bingo and the winner is Option two you won  the..."you can smell a crappy parent 2600 miles away" prize.  Bravo!

He did however lift one more finger and call his ex-mother in law to take care of them. Didn't call us, no chance in hell of that, because if he would have we would have blasted him for not coming home, being responsible putting the children's needs first.

Privacy laws are making it hard for us to get information other than the kids are fine and the police let the mother in law take the kids that night. But we found out she apparently was told by my step son to turn them over to some friends of his. Who knows if the authorities know of that arrangement. We do feel better however now that the police and CPS have a case; FINALLY and hopefully once this thing gets into court maybe a judge will make them answer for their behavior. God knows we've tried and failed more times than I care to admit.

These two have been a nightmare for our whole family since the day they've met; and he to a lesser degree before that.

And the children every time I think of them and the lives they've had at the hands of these two my heart just breaks. Because when it comes down to it their lives are the real nightmare and we're just the spectators.

Some people just shouldn't be allowed to have kids, ya know!


  1. It's a real shame that the kids are the ones that end up suffering, I was brought up by parents like those two, thankfully I grew up and beyond that, and my kids are good parents to theirs, it's all you can hope for Jen, you do your best, best wishes!

  2. Wow. That is a lot to respond to. How does your husband feel about all this? I know your heartbreak for the kids, get that. I know your disgust with the lifestyle choices, get that. My heart breaks. I don't know them, but I know the sting of addiction on the circle of people around them. Sorry you are one of them.

  3. Writerly Want to Be & Steve,

    Thanks for your supportive words.

    The amount of influence we have on our grown son is minimal, we just don't have any leverage frankly.

    So my husband sits with his disappointed in his son. He'd love to scoop up the kids and bring them home here but knows he can't. The younger one isn't even ours really, her father is goodness knows who!

    So now we wait like we always do for the other shoe to drop. And when it does, we have two lovely bedrooms ready for either one or both of them.

    Thank goodness all is well and fine with the other kids and grand-kids. I pray the court will order some counseling/parenting classes they surely need it.

    And in the mean time we hope God keeps them safe.


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