December 17, 2012

Christmas is supposed to be joyful and holy!

My husband went into town today to do the banking today and to run a few errands and as usual to do his "socializing" with the town folk. He ran into a local clergyman who we've known since our kids were in grade school.  It is hard as men of faith with families not to then enter into a discussion about prayer and the need for more of it with current events being what they are and with Christmas upon us.

When the Rev.B talked about the holidays he expressed his feelings and we agree that this is a time for joy for light amongst the darkness and we celebrate Christs birth in a very few days. And we who grieve can rejoice because we believe in Him.

And it seems to me for those of us who do believe it is getting harder and harder to express our beliefs without ridicule if we choose to express or practice what we believe when we are in public.

For some reason it seems something as simple as the words "Merry Christmas" is cause for offense; this I do not understand.  And this was something the Rev.B told Bill he saw in one of the large department stores in the mall a few days ago.

I was speechless when I heard this story. And the actions of both of these men, unbelievable. All I will say is that I am profoundly disappointed that the Christian man failed to be Christian in his response. I'll just tell you what I was told happened and let you be the judge and you can tell me what you think in your comments.

He (Rev B) was standing on line at the store (not our town) but at the mall when the person in front of him was finished checking out said to the cashier. "Have a Merry Christmas."

The person replied. " I'm insulted that you would even say that to me!"
The customer said. " Your insulted that I wished you a Merry Christmas what's so insulting about me wishing you a Merry Christmas?"
Cashier. " Like I said you should keep it to yourself I'm insulted."
"Really?" Exclaimed the customer who was now agitated.
Quickly adding."Usually I would have to say something much worse to insult someone."
"Like go fuck yourself." Now you can be insulted" he mumbled back turned as he walked out.

Oh my goodness people can't we just be nice?!
What is wrong with you people?

You may wish me a Merry Christmas, or a Happy Hanukkah even a Happy Kwanzaa, or tell me Allah blesses me I am good with it all! Because if you love God and believe in your heart then I will gladly accept you good wishes and your blessing. I cannot understand how someone could be insulted by it.

I believe in Jesus but I respect you if you believe otherwise and I pray you feel the same about my beliefs.

I notice however in stores and in the schools they're doing a lot of the Happy Holiday wishing if anything at all. My view is it's a result of a lot of political correct nonsense that is just getting out of hand.

What say you?

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  1. I'm grateful I've never felt forced to take the Christ out of Christmas. If I were faced with with a situation like that customer was, I'm not sure how I would respond.

  2. I will say MERRY CHRISTMAS and I don't give a damn if somebody is offended.

    That customer had other deep issues that had nothing to do with "Christ-mas"


    1. I'm with you! Why would I we say anything else?

  3. I can see why the customer said what he did; it seems like a "natural" response because he was insulted by the clerk's words to him that the clerk was insulted with him saying "Merry Christmas". I think those of use who know Jesus need to do the best we can to represent him and be his ambassador to a world that needs to know him. It is sad that there is that political correctness that we have to say "Happy Holidays" instead of Merry Christmas. I've been trying to just take the lead of what the clerk says; if they say "Happy Holidays" I saw thanks and move on. I've noticed a few clerks have said Merry Christmas and then I respond back "Merry Christmas to you".

    Now in saying this, the customer is usually always right so they say in business. The clerk perhaps needs to be reminded of that and if the customer did say something offensive to him, he should have just let it go.

    But you are right,we are getting ridiculed, but then they persecuted Jesus and the servant is not greater than the master, so we will be persecuted.

    (hope this all somehow made sense :)


  4. Amen to you Cousin Jen!! Oh, and

    Cousin Colleen

    1. Love you too cuz...
      Give my love to Jim and Landon.
      Be seeing you again soon?

  5. Well, we are certainly a melting pot of different cultures and religious beliefs. Even if the cashier wasn't a Christian, he shouldn't have found a wish for a merry Christmas to be insulting. I think people are just too damn sensitive. Now if the guy said, "Have an absolutely horrible Christmas," that would be insulting.
    Merry Christmas and all that jazz!

    1. Thanks Pamela I agree! Merry Christmas to you too!

  6. Dang people are mean - when people are just trying to be nice. It's a roll off the tongue courtesy. I remember checking out or being somewhere Mother's Day weekend (after a miscarriage and no child yet) and people would say Happy Mother's Day. It made me a little sad, but why in the world would I hurt someone's feelings for blessing me with a greeting.I would just say "Thank you same to you."

  7. Wow. Both the customer and the cashier were just plain rude. I tend to say Happy Holidays when I know I have an audience that celebrates different holidays. Otherwise, I stick with Merry Christmas.

    Our friends, whose kids are the same age as ours, are 1/2 Jewish and 1/2 Hindu. They don't have a tree or celebrate Christmas, but they're not insulted by all the Christmas stuff around them or the fact that their son makes Christmas ornaments at daycare. The husband calls them "HindJews" which I think it hilarious.

    We need to lighten up!

  8. I agree with you 100% Jen. Our local council a few years ago sent out cards saying Happy Holidays instead of Happy Christmas so not to offend people. We live in the Uk in a Christian country and should be allowed to celebrate it,and you know it's not the ordinary people here who are making a difference it is the government.One of my best friends is Muslin and she has christmas really for her young son's sake so not to make him different but she buys me a pressie and I buy her one. Why can't we all tolerate each other's beliefs? The world would be a happier place. Merry Christmas Jen to you and your family.

  9. Tell me about it. All I hear is Happy Holidays. So I say, "Why thank you and a Merry Christmas to you" with a smile and a cheerful tone. If someone is offended, well, that's their problem.


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