December 28, 2012

my family picture just changed

My grandfather's family Leclerc-LeClair is something of a mystery to me. He passed away when I was six and even though I remember him I don't know much about his family. It's basically just stuff that I've heard here and there. He had siblings but they never visited and the names, we're a bit unsure only one sister I can verify to date.

We come from an interesting line however. We are decedents of French colonists who settled in Prince Edward Island, Canada and are called Acadian's. The Leclerc's/LeClair's are one of several founding families.

Henry Benoit LeClair  & Mary Fenton LeClair
July 1921

Upon occasion I'll poke around on line to try to find information especially regarding his siblings. I know his parents names. The other day I found a message posted on a message board from a man named Raymond LeClair. As it turns out we're cousins probably 5or6 times removed who knows maybe more. Frankly I'm still trying to wade thru the generations of names, it's very confusing! He, coincidentally lived in Massachusetts as did my grandparents. They originally lived there when first emigrating to this fine country.

As I'm putting together what I know about our branch of the family and filling in the blanks for him about my fathers generation I though it would be fun to include some pictures to put a face to the names.

This all just goes perfectly with my crazy worry about all my photo's which was in my last post. I will not draw you a picture of me jumping out the window aflame but I think that post touched a nerve with many of you.

My friend Martha over at seaside simplicity has decided to do a weekly linky called Flashback Friday. She like so many of us has many many photo's and wonderful stories to tell. I think it's terrific that she's giving us the opportunity to do the same.

click here to join the fun
I'd like to encourage all of my readers to go into those files and bins, and join Martha ( you know I'll be there) for some fun and link up on Fridays. Lets see some of those old family treasures. I'm personally loving this picture. Nana who looks lovely and Popa who looks rather handsome French; doesn't he?

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  1. Family history is fascinating and important. My husband's father was into genealogy big time, yet he passed away leaving untold mysteries of his family linage that we've yet to solve. And it makes me wish I'd paid more attention when my own dad would start on a tangent of who I was related to and how!

    1. That's a bit how I feel Robyn, and now I'm kinda paying catch up and counting on "cousin Raymond' for help. It is so exciting to know a bit about where I come from!

  2. I love the picture too; I always look at old pictures and wonder what they were thinking when they got their pictures taken. Martha is one of my dearest friends; we've been following each other's blogs for about 7 years now; I saw the picture she posted this morning; I will definitely have to look in my archives so to speak and participate in this meme!


  3. I love old photos, though I don't know who a lot of the people are in the ones I have. And, the people who could tell me, are gone now.

  4. Love the photo Jen and thanks so much for playing along! When we start poking around in our family history it can be so fascinating! So neat that you are in contact with Raymond LeClair. You will have to keep us posted on your discoveries. I really look forward to doing Flashback Friday - we are going to have a good time with it :)

  5. Don't you just LOVE digging into family ancestry! I do! As you know my mother's parents were both born in PEI and both sides have Acadian connections. My grandfather's brothers and a sister both moved to Boston when they were young adults to find employment. They stayed like so many did back then. I'll have to dig into what I have to see if LeClair appears on a 'branch'. We could be cousins!!! Great photo Jen and happy hunting!

  6. Love the pic. I find family history fascinating. Flashback Friday sounds fun. I may just join in!

  7. Replies
    1. They met on a trolley car...he was the conductor!

  8. So you have French blood Jen? oh la! la! I love the photo and history behind those old photos. I only have a couple of photos of my grandmother but only when she was old and I've never seen a phot of my grandfather such a shame as I hunger for information. I did find out some things online like my great grandparents lived next door to each other as children,now that's romantic.
    Wishing you a happy 2013.

  9. I love old photos. Wish I knew more about family history. Truth is, I haven't gotten the bug to dig. I do have a bunch of old photos from my mom's place. Her maiden name was Eclaire. Sounds similar!:-)

  10. I love old photographs! My mom is really into researching ancestry and I bet she could share some great pictures with me. I'd like to get them on my blog as a way of documenting our history for Em and Drew (since my photo organization skills are so lacking outside of my blog). might see me at Flashback Friday, or at a minimum, you've inspired me to look into some old family photos!

    Hope you are having a fantastic start to this new year!

  11. What a treasure! Now that we're moved in, I have framed 20-30 black and white photos from CAsey's family and from mine. I LOVE having them hanging in our home. Brings our family history to our home. THanks for sharing!!!


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