February 15, 2013

Oh how contrary she can be!

I found these crocus sprouting in my yard today! 

A beautiful gift from mother nature.

One would conclude that spring has sprung, right?

Then I came into the house and the news said  they're calling for snow tomorrow, sigh....

I wish mother nature would make up her mind!!

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  1. We are having a tease for spring here on the North CA coast too. I know it's only a tease. I know Old Man Winter is still kicking around out there but still, it's nice!

  2. That is hard when it goes back and forth like that; poor plants don't know what to do!!! We're 78 degrees forecast for tomorrow, but in the 60s and rain by midweek next week. But take heart, spring is around the corner!


  3. They're lovely. My little garden squirrel ate all my outdoor bulbs but I planted some indoors and have a hyicinth which is smelling my whole house beautifully I'm so impressed.

  4. What a tease...I haven't even seen green grass since...since...I can't remember :)

  5. I think 'she' enjoys keeping us all on our toes, Jen!

  6. As soon as I saw your picture, I thought "Uh-oh--snow's coming!" We enjoyed the white stuff today but it can leave tomorrow. I've had enough :-)

  7. Wow! I can't see the ground right now due to the snow and ice here. That's gotta be a good sign that flowers are popping up in places. Spring will be here before we know it!


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