February 23, 2013

stick a fork in me!

I am done!

They finally got to me. You'd think they would have gotten to me sooner but I've been lucky.

Actually, I consider myself luckier than most that I haven't had to do this sooner.

Read this Mr/Mrs Anonymous aka Mr/Mrs. Spammer.

Forget this blog!

I apologize to those few people who upon occasion use the anonymous function to comment (like my cousins- love you!)

And to my readers that I have to make you put up with the inconvenience of comment moderation. (sorry- love you too!)

I have for the sake of my sanity blocked all anonymous comments as of this post.

I can no longer stand the huge volumes of crap comments I'm getting on a daily basis.

Darn spam.

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  1. I have noticed an increase as well - what a drag!

  2. So far Blogger is catching the spam except for a few on my blog, but I have noticed more coming through. I haven't gotten to stop anonymous comments yet, but I'm sure if it becomes more of a hassle I will. Thank you for not doing word verification; that drives me crazy!


  3. yup, me too. I now have to the 'must approve comments before posting' in place... only because I really hate that captcha thingie. ;) but I don't hate those who use it.

    1. I agree Robyn this is the lesser of two evils. I don't care to use that captcha thing but I guess I can't blame people who use it at this point :)

  4. I was getting a lot of spam comments until I changed my setting to registered users, includes open ID. I was afraid I would have to put the word verification back up...but it took care of it.

  5. count me in too. I don't do the word captcha but I moderate. Those comments are so annoying.

  6. Spam sucks. I moderate first time comments on my blog. Made the spam go way down. I guess it's part of territory.

  7. Spam is so frustrating! I delete 10 for each "real" comment I publish. Such is blogging life I suppose! LOL! ~Angela

    1. What is it that makes our blogs a target I wonder?

  8. I was getting massive spam too lately. I'm not moderating comments but did block anonymous comments and that did the trick. I can't think of more than once or twice that I've got an anonymous comment anyway except for the spam. I just don't get what the spammers get out of doing it.


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