February 24, 2013

things that need fixin round here

This has certainly been an interesting month. Broken water heater, broken clothes dryer, transmission in need of repair...mouth that needs fixin!

You know how the other day I wrote those posts about people saying inappropriate things in public?

I be the first one to say we have to be mindful of what we say when we're in public since we're just never sure who is listening.

You'd think I'd follow my own advice!

Even in a more private setting.

Have you ever put your foot in it?

Would you like to hear what moi did the other night?!

Fresh after the "ink dried on my posts so to speak" oh my!

The repair man was here to repair our dryer. While he was doing what repair men do we were chatting about our kids and sports.

Baseball is a way of life in our part of the south for most boys from age 9-18. The repair guy has a son who plays ball- our son Eric God rest his soul was a terrific ball player when he was coming up thru our community/local school system. So naturally our conversation turned to things like what positions his son prefers, parent rolls, team politics, costs, the pro's and con's of playing on a travel team and coaches.

At one point during the conversation when we were discussing coaches I mentioned that one of Eric's former coaches really didn't do anything for me since he was lacked personality.  It was not my intention to attack "the man" it was "the coaches abilities" I had questions about. Coaches need to know how to communicate and to inspire, coaches need to know their sport, they need to be disciplined. This man lacked these qualities which made him ineffective as a coach. 

At this point I should have remembered what the former owners of this house told me years ago...." most everyone in the south is related so be careful what you say."

Wanna guess what happened next right?

The repairman said. "That coach is my wife's cousin!"

Help! I have a foot in my mouth.....

Then to my relief with a lopsided grin he added "He's not my idea of a coach either!"

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  1. We've all been there and done that! At least he agreed with you! ~Angela

  2. Oops! Well, at least he wasn't offended. :) Gotta hate when that happens!

  3. One of those moments when you wish you could disappear I've had a few of them and at least he agreed with you.

  4. Oh, I have had moments like that... Where we live now, EVERYONE seems to be related!


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