September 10, 2011

almost my final chapter?

Hopefully I am heading to the final chapter of my leg wound story. I am so sick and tired of bandages and wound wash, doctors visits, endless doses of antibiotics, gauze and ace bandages and tape that pulls off my skin till it's raw. And lets not forget the MRSA that is the worst of the worst, heaven knows how I got it and every time I think it's gone it comes back again.

Two weeks ago when my wound was no bigger than this capital "O" they told me I had MRSA again- or maybe it never went away in the first place.....who knows! Two days after I started the antibiotics an abscess formed right next to my wound. My regular doctor then added an additional antibiotic to the one the wound doctor gave me; like one isn't enough right?

The abscess is just about absorbed back into my body it never fully formed. Monday I go to see the wound doctor, he know's nothing about the abscess or the addition of the second medication since I went to my regular doctor; wound guy only does Monday's. With the wound closed I'm hoping he'll discharge me, but this abscess business bothers me. I still have a boat load of antibiotics to finish, this time pills not an IV thank goodness. Not that it hurts because it doesn't I was on antibiotics days before it formed so it didn't really amount to much.

The whole MRSA thing has me concerned however; I don't really feel like I have a proper understanding of the condition.The testing says it is not in my blood it's only in my wound and the wound is gone so that should be it right? Why don't I feel confident that it is so?


  1. Hi Jen - hope you're better soon and able to feel 100 percent---

    thanks for following - following back!

    beachside cottage

  2. Thanks Linda,
    Getting better means a vacation to the beach for me! That I know you'd appreciate!

  3. Thinking of you and hoping for the best.
    Your Friend, m.


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