September 17, 2011

the fall means more than changes in the weather

live sunflowers that i picked up
at the market
I was struggling with what to write about today while sitting here freezing my ass off and it suddenly dawned  on me that the state of the weather begged for a post.

The other day it was beautiful and sunny it was warm humid and the AC was pumping like you wouldn't believe in my house. It seemed as if summer was in full swing and I was bitching saying to my husband that it hardly seemed like September weather at all. I had just about reached my last nerve with the warm weather.

Then two days ago like a switch was flipped, the weather changed and now it's fall ; the AC is off the air outside is cool and mostly dry. The windows can be open  now during the days and the nights are clear and crisp. It is sooo great for sleeping and cuddling under the covers. I slept until 10:30 this morning and when I woke there next to me on his back mouth open cutting logs looking absolutely adorable was Matthew McConaughey (ha I wish!) no it was my husband (not him either) it was one of my cats (what's with that?) darn!

It won't be long before the leaves will fall and we'll fire up the wood-stove then the house gets warm and cozy. Just thinking about it my thoughts turn to cooking, not something that is as enjoyable in the warmer months; baking bread, making pots of soup, pot roasts and making pizza on my pizza stone. I'll share some of my recipes on the blog with y'all when I get to cooking them. I especially like my own pizza, potato soup and bread, and I just snagged a raisin bread recipe from another blog frugal in WV that I'm dying to try.

When I do I'll let you know how it turns out!

Does the change in the weather bring changes for you as well? What are you looking forward to doing this fall?


  1. Sad as I am to see our summer go (mostly because it was such a short summer and a merely luke warm one at that) I hasten to add that Autumn is my favorite season. I love the crisp mornings and the crimson colors, the smell of wood stoves, the sounds of the football games and the sight of school buses. Fall is special to me, not just because I got married in Sept. but just because the way fall feels. Wonderful~magical~!

  2. I couldn't agree more. This wasn't my best summer so I'm more then glad to see it go. But I agree with many of your observations about fall Robyn, and I'm ready for the change!

  3. It got cold here quickly! Like 90s a week ago and 60s this weekend. Brrr!

    I do love the fall though.

  4. Jen, as long as it's dry, I love Autumn. Plus, I just bought a new pair of fall leather boots for Claire so life is good. m.

  5. Oh I love cooking and baking in the cooler weather! I rarely cook in the summer so I send the man out to BBQ something instead ;)

  6. Mark, Your such a good Dad.

    Kimberly, That's pretty much how it works in my house too!

  7. Jen - I'm so excited for the fall, and looking forward to reading some of your recipes! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog - so glad you enjoyed it and would love to have you as a follower- I'll do the same! (BTW- sometimes there's a verification thingy you have to click on to confirm yourself as a follower that people miss- maybe this is a basic thing on every blog, but just mentioning it as you said you joined and I don't see you yet). Glad to connect with another New Yorker (you may leave, but it never leaves you. ;-)

  8. Sharon, I went back to your blog and your right my icon was missing so i did something or other and now i'm up there and poof your showing on my reading list too, some kind of blogger problem i think. You're right about the NY thing, can't wait, am coming up for Thanksgiving!

  9. I love fall, but it doesn't really get going here until October, so I just have to watch everyone else's posts! LOL Hi! New follower from the Whimsical Wednesday blog hop! Please follow back. Thanks! :)

  10. Me too ever other day it's different here, you must live in the south! Happy to pay you a visit over at you blog.


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