September 11, 2011

in the sand and water

I do not have a single memory that does not include the beach; always the beach. Two days ago my sister-in -law and brother called to tell me a huge professional surfing contest was being held on the beach where I grew up. And here I was hundreds of miles away wishing I was feeling the familiar breeze  and the warm sand of the beach an wishing I was there so I could go.

Boy was I bummed, I missed the surfing stars the bands playing all types of music the people from near and far getting together to enjoy the waves and each other. I missed chance to see the people I grew up with I missed the chance catch up to laugh and of course to hang out with my family.

 And I miss this beach.....

I just love this picture of my niece and my godson jumping in the surf; don't you? I actually was able to catch Alex while she was in the air, I always liked that about this picture.

I can't tell you how many life guards that sat on that very life guard stand that I had terrible crushes on when I was a  girl. Every summer they were just cuter and cuter, boys working lifeguard jobs way to wise to do anything but be nice and steal a few kisses with this girl; can anyone say.... *jail bait*.

When I was pregnant I used to come to the beach and dig a hole in the sand so that I could lay on my stomach, it was the only time I could I was soooo big. To my surprise when Matthew was born he didn't like the beach very much- he hated the sand! Hard to believe! Now he loves it just like me. Here we are walking together onto the first beach he ever went to, long before he was born.

And although Dr Evil wasn't staying with us that summer at our rented beach house, he did stop by even if in spirit to pose us for a picture! I know we're lame.

Wet and sun drenched sandy and hot four cousins digging in the sand, the love of the beach runs in the family I think.

My mom may be getting older but she's still up for jumping...well maybe not jumping but if we get a house at the beach, she's in.

And our favorite people to go to the beach with is my brother his wife and the kids, we swim, we listen to music, we play in the sand. We drink beer and wine and my brother and I cook in the kitchen while my husband mans the grill. And we play games do puzzles, bad words have been spewed and tears have been shed over games of Pictionary not to mention that puzzle piece nobody can place! 

Now this is the guy I really like to spend my time with at the beach! Even though he sunburns thru his clothes; my husband Bill!  It will be Barbados for two in November, I can't wait!

Every day on the beach is a magic moment. An opportunity for memories for pictures shared with my blog friends like Shell at things i can't say. Thank for thinking of this fabulous idea. I'm happy to link up with you and others today.            

         Capture those..Magic Moments.


  1. The beach does seem magical. Love the pics.

  2. Nice stories.
    I used to love the beach when I was a kid and then fell out of love with it when my children were babies. But now that they are older and I can just sit there, I'm falling in love all over again.
    Must have been nice for you to grow up so close to the water.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. I've only been to the beach twice in my life. And you're right, it is magical. I can't wait until I can go again someday. I love the picture of your niece and godson jumping. So carefree and fun! Thanks for posting!

  4. Oh my these photos are stunning and your love for the beach absolutely shines through!

  5. Oh, Barbados for two in November...

    Sounds divine!

  6. To each and every one of you! I've been away from the computer most of the day so I'm just going to give you all one big thank you for you wonderful comments.

  7. gorgeous photos and wonderful memories!!

  8. Leighannn thanks for stopping by and sharing in my memories.

  9. I LOVE your photos. They are awesome. And I love the stories that go with them. I seriously want to re-do my post because yours is so awesome... but I wont. BTW... you've been working on the blog design? right? I think it looks great.

  10. Tried the whole black and white thing Kristen just for fun, glad you liked it. And yes I just changed my blog header; you're the only one whose said anything though! Thanks.

  11. Hi Jen - you know I'm a beach lover, so I totally relate and love those photos!

    Best Wishes,
    beachside cottage

  12. What wonderful memories to match the shots. I especially love the one where they are all sitting on the beach facing the water. Love.

  13. These are beautiful, Jen. Love the B&W. :)

  14. We are heading the beach next week. I hope we have as much fun as you did1

  15. Do you have room in your luggage for me? I'm green with envy.... *giggle* Have a great time!

  16. What a beautiful family! I love the beach too! Great magic moments! :)

  17. Thanks for stopping by Adrienne; glad you enjoyed the pictures.


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