January 30, 2011


Over Christmas there was a commercial on T.V. in it  a grandpa was so excited because he wanted to see a video of his grandson playing with a toy he had purchased for the child for Christmas. Jump to the video, the toy is sitting there unused and the kid is walking around having the time of his life playing with the box the toy came in over his head .

My kids did that stuff, played with boxes. One of my sons who shall remain nameless- MATTHEW used to make twist-tie-men or tails and bows-n-arrows out of things he found around the house, he played for hours and hour, you'd hardly know he was even there. Of course as his mother I thought it showed his superior intelligence and creativity-it's in the genes after all- ask anyone in the family. My daughter when she got older used to say, " some of those ideas could have been marketed". Smart child too!

It got me to thinking about the little things, every day stuff.........
Extra ordinary- ordinary stuff that we just might appreciate a tiny bit more, they make us smile and bring us joy.
Some come right to my mind for me. What about you?

    Here are a few of mine:

1. twist tie men (only kidding)
2. bitting into my first garden tomato every summer
3. watching my cats play
4. fresh crisp sheets
5. the smell of the beach after it rains
6 .the feel of the sand under my feet, Long Beach preferably
7. the smell of fresh coffee in the morning
8. a good bloody mary
9. a good laugh-till I cry
10. White Christmas' (sorry I live in the south now!)
11. running my hand thru  the buttons in Nana's button box
12. being bare foot


  1. Holy crap Ma, you had to bring up the twist tie men huh? lol

  2. Wonderful list. I know this is WAY long after you wrote but I'm reading it from your year in review!


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