January 25, 2011


We went out to dinner tonight, or I should say supper. And I was thinking of those things that are quintessentially Southern at least in my mind, besides pie. I know Nana liked pie, she made them all the time. But last week when we were visiting the cousins in Charlotte, little Max was loving his pie and it started me thinking. So besides the fried chicken, rolls and slaw ( that's coleslaw ya'll)  & sweet tea there are other things that feel unique special to this place, give it it's own flavor if you will.

There are may things that to me- born a Northerner that strike me as truly Southern. For instance the number of churches that are within a short distance of my house. As a Catholic however I am SOL (Sh__ out of luck) I still have to drive 28 miles to Mass.  However I should say I have been invited ( and have been a guest) to many churches which include most every Protestant denomination as well as Baptist Churches alike. The people here are some of the most kind and genuine people I have ever met. Church supper anyone? A great way to get to know your neighbor.

If I grow tomatoes in my garden and the neighbor has sweet potatoes, or corn it will gladly be shared without discussion, just a bag or a box and a quiet thank you, that's how things are done here. Need fruit? I have fruit tree's ask and you shall receive. Want to fish, if you don't have a problem seeing the occasional snake then throw a fishing poll in my pond, no problemo. Just keep your llama's away from my property, they are  four legged wrecking balls that spit...
Don't laugh it happened once!

A few other thing that come to mind about living here :
The mail man never walks (mine's a woman)
Dogs are hunting dogs mostly, rarely house pets and usually never to inside the house .
People always wave or beep when they drive by your house.
You are your own garbage man, this sucks big time.
Strangers never get out of their car in the driveway, they always beep their horns (worried about dogs).
Most everyone says yes or no ma'am and sir

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