April 27, 2011

being with my peeps on easter

front left to right grandson #3 cousin J
back left to right grandson #1 cousin L, grandson #2
I am laboring at my husbands computer to write this post- its like wearing someone else's shoes- not the right fit! It feels funny sitting at a desk!!. My laptop screen  isn't lighting up and one of the hinges snapped.  I think its time for a new one, now all I have to do is figure out is how to get my files on to the new one when I get it. ( I know I know I never backed up!)  I can see a faint outline on the screen so I know it's working. It's a good ole gal but another repair bill isn't in my future. So I guess we'll be sharing for a while until I get a new one and figure out what to do about my files.

In the mean time here's what happened over the Easter weekend...

So I had a wonderful  extended weekend with my family, most everyone arrived here on Thursday night so the festivities started early. Although the cousins did hit a bit of traffic coming from the north- not the ones from the south thought- they all arrived here safe and sound and without the hastles of traffic.

Friday was pretty much a relax and catch up on what was new in our lives while my cousins sons played video games and played with the cats. Did I forget to mention that my son also arrived on Thursday as well? The guys spent hours outside in the sunshine throwing Frisbee, football and baseball with the boys since the weather was really very nice.

from right to left H, Chef G , grandsons #1, 2 cousins L, grandson #3 cousin J

Saturday we all headed up to Richmond to see the Picasso Exhibit, my daughter, son in law and the grandsons met us there. We had the kids dust off my Aunt Winifreds wheelchair for Mom so she could join us since she's on a cane and the walking involved would be way to much and we were on our way. Needless to say, the five boys didn't see the Picasso's, although the VMFA is free the Picasso was $16 per child and that rather costly. My cousins husband stayed with the boys and the rest of us staggered our time into shifts so the children could enjoy the rest of the museum while we viewed the Picasso's. For me it was overwhelming, and we walked  thru 11 different gallery rooms displaying his art according to the year he produced the pieces displayed. Starting at 1900  straight thru 1956. There were prints, paintings, photographs, sculpture, drawings- I really could have spent a week in there but only spent an a bit more than an hour and a half since our tickets were timed.

My cousin H at VMFA

Needless to say I can probably speak for my daughter her husband and my cousins that the right choice was made regarding the children who are all under the age of 13. Picasso who is brilliant had many pieces of art on display that were of a sexual nature. To say it plainly; the man likes breasts and other parts of the female anatomy and it was probably a good call that the kids weren't exposed to so many pieces of art with that subject matter.

Then it was back to the house for more food, boy did we eat! And my cousins husband is a chef so it isn't to shabby to have his help in the kitchen. My Grandson # 2 loves to cook and be in the kitchen and he and Chef G spent a ton of time together cutting and chopping on Easter Sunday after we got home from Mass. We even gave Grandson #2 his own knife which is blue since he's taking cooking lessons for Mother Day with my daughter; isn't that a great idea for a mother and son to do?

My cousin C and her son L had to head out early so that he could get back to Charlotte to spend some time with his Dad later Sunday. My kids- son in law headed out of here on Sunday after dinner since it was back to work for them on Monday, and they are all in public service, one county, one state, one federal. The grandsons were exhausted I came to find out since I was late nights here hanging with the cousins in my den for boys sleep over time. My cousin H and her husband Chef G and their son headed out on Tue to go back to PA.

It's safe to say, my husband and I are pretty tired right now, but always pleased to be with our family. I hope you all had great family time as well over the long weekend.
Do anything interesting? Eat anything fabulous? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Great time had by all! Thanks again for your Southern - with a New York sort of flair - hospitality. As usual we left with a ton of memories to cherish!

    We love being with you peeps!

    Philly cuz


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