April 1, 2011

its all about- blogging

It's been just a bit over eight weeks since I've started this blog so I thought I'd dedicate a post to telling you about my impressions so far.

I wasn't quite sure when I started this endeavor that I'd have all that much to say- apparently that hasn't been to much of a problem so far. This has really been very enjoyable and it is my hope that you stay interested and that you'll keep coming back to read what I have to say.

My poor lap-top has seen better days however, one of the hinges on the top has broken from....I don't know overuse! This computer has traveled all over even as far as Hawaii on vacation with me ( check my vaca blog here) WE'RE ON HAWAIIAN TIME. My grandsons's play with it, my Mom kinda sat on it once in the airport so it's seen better days. Who knows maybe Santa will get me a new one this Christmas.

When the idea of this blog came up I knew I had to have a goal. I also needed a standard- a line in the sand, so I made a pact with myself.  So as long writing this blog pleases me and the interaction with other bloggers is positive then I would  keep doing it. But if it becomes a burden or if the interaction with others became negative or over the line or extreme in any way then I would stop. It had been nothing but all good I am happy to report!

I've have a list of blogs that I like to read please click and take a look  BLOGS I LIKE and check them out. I check to see if they are updated usually a few times a week so I can read them. And I have followers now which is kind of neat, I especially enjoy sharing comments back and forth with ya'll, comments are actually my favorite part so far.

If you've visited the blog and haven't commented yet, please don't be shy, say hi or better yet become a follower and then make a comment- I won't bite you I promise.


  1. When I first began writing my blog I too was surprised at how kind and supportive the people in the blogosphere are. It really has been an enriching experience and I've had the chance to interact with people that I otherwise never would have.

  2. I browse around often and see a lot of people who are going private with their blogs. I think that kinda defeats the purpose,at least for me.


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