April 20, 2011

Easter company and Picasso

My cousins are coming for Easter this year, three from the Phillie area, two from Charlotte add to that our immediate family of two of our three kids; our son our daughter and son in law the three grandsons and my Mom that totals fourteen. Other than my daughter and son in law they are all sleeping here from Thursday thru Sunday or a combination of those days, arrival times tend to stagger. We'll be busy bee's for days on end and even though everyone is helpful because they're family I have to pace myself and not to overdue.

We're ready for everyone to arrive, the house is arranged- the beds are made, whose sleeping where have been  calculated- Mom has three bedrooms  at her house as well but everyone usually stays here in order not to bother her to much as she's getting on in years. We've done all the shopping for the food, drink that is necessary to feed the masses. Everyone should be happy except for my cats, they don't care for the noise, so they'll sneak in after dark and get in the bed with us.

The Easter bunny has been notified that the children will be here Easter morning so candy and Easter eggs will be delivered- hidden here and not at their empty homes- that would be tragic!

Everything has gone according to plan pretty much except I'll have to make a quick trip to the doctor tomorrow morning, for a check of my leg. It pretty much hurts more now than it did when I fell at the beach. I have a feeling I've developed an infection called (cellulitis) where my leg scraped against the stair and could use some antibiotics.

Other than the usual eat, drink and gab fest we are adding a bit of culture to our holiday this year. On an exciting note we are heading up to the  Richmond Museum of Fine Art to see the Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris.  There are 176 of his pieces of art; his finest personal collection on display there. I've been dying to go since February but we've decided to put it off so we could all go together- it runs until May 15th. in the event any of you are interested in visiting Richmond to partake. I'll probably write about it after the family clears out I anticipate it will be an amazing experience. Everyone that I know who has gone has been moved deeply by it.

I hope that all who read this blog along with your families have a wonderful Easter filled with love. And we will do the same but  as always we will  remember on this fifth Easter since their death;  how much we love and miss Gretchen and Eric who are always in our hearts and never far from our thoughts.

Gretchen & Eric


  1. I wish you and your family a happy time at Easter - but am so sad for you that those lovely children can only be with you in spirit.


  2. The ability to experience enjoyment overtakes bits of the sadness a little more every year- but as you can imagine its always difficult.Having some of the family here really helps. Thanks FW

  3. They are just beautiful. May the Joy of Christ's love be with you over Easter.

    Jim Dorchak


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