December 17, 2011

coming home sick and a movie

My son Matthew came home on his swing days off of work, he was sick. Some type of virus was going around work and unfortunately he was on of the people to get it. So, I put a chicken in the pot so he can have some soup to eat and hopefully give him some relief.

I suspect his roommate was secretly glad he came home and wasn't vomiting and other things we will not mention in their bathrooms and spread germs all over their townhouse.  My son did say he caught a glimpse of Trey while saying goodbye with bleach and Lysol in hand!  One can never be to clean!

 I'll take my kids home anyway I can get them whenever they want; grandchildren too. For me the holidays are quite difficult, it's hard not to reflect on my losses and not to miss my children. I suspect he knows that and that's why he's here. That and the soup!

It's been two days since he's been here and his stomach is back to normal pretty much. He's finished all his chicken soup and is feeling somewhat better. He ate a normal dinner and we're both enjoying some time together. And even under the weather there's always something to do in our house.

We are huge movie hounds in our family. Since we live in a rural area we tend to buy our movies after they've been released. I am not a big theater goer. That would be due to my restless leg syndrome. I find it really difficult to sit still for long periods of time during the movie; I'm that person, you know, the one whose moving and getting up throughout the movie. The one you want to strangle!

After Gretchen and Eric died  in 2006 Matthew and I got into this habit of watching movies together it was a great relief from the stress and grief. It's something that we still do from time to time when he comes home to visit and I must say we have our favorites. We tend to like the same types of movies but not every single movie; I am never going to warm up to the Fight Club, not in a million years. But there is this quirky little Christmas family (adult) movie we are drawn to every year.

Have you ever seen The Family Stone? This family's holiday has equal parts joy and dread add a lot of comedy, and even some sad bits; such is life, right?  But what draws me to this movie in particular and what I love about the characters and this family is no matter what there is  loyalty and love, lots of love. 

If you get some time you should try to see it. We just spent last evening watching it....again! My daughter is gonna be mad at us that she wasn't here with us but she's home at her house with the kids, and they wouldn't appreciate the germs, we'll just do it again on Christmas with her!

Do you have a favorite movie that you'd like to share, we'd love to give it a look see. Who know's maybe it will become part of our yearly ritual like this movie.

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  1. Sure hope Matthew is all better soon and hope nobody catches what he has! I can relate to enjoying what we can get from our kids. Enjoy your holiday season :)

  2. Thanks Martha I'm still trying to get the hang of this empty nest thing who knows if I'll ever truly feel comfortable with it particularly around the holidays!
    Wishing you many blessings and many visits from your kids too this holiday season!

  3. Enjoy the time you get to nurse your son back to health. There's nothing like chicken soup and a mama's love :-)

  4. I hope your son feels better and there is no place to feel better than the mom's house eating mom's chicken soup. I too love the family stone. It one of those movies that makes you feel better. Enjoy you Holidays.!

  5. Melissa,
    The soup seems to have worked and he's feeling much better, he hast plans to take Nanny (my mom) to lunch and shopping later today :)....
    It is good to have him home!

  6. My mom and dad used to make chicken soup for me too Ariana, I agree there's nothing better.

  7. Jen.. Do you want to come have Christmas with us? Think about it some year.I'm going to tell you something here.... that I can't say on my blog. Snapfish had "buy 1 photo album, get 2 free." I made an album for each of the twins at the end of their first year. I never purchased it because I was waiting for a deal. So... I made a third album of this year. I put more pictures of Alexander in it than anyone. Of our good memories. Because... this winter has been brutal and I kept wondering if ..... things would be different next Christmas. So - this post broke my heart. Because as a mommy to another - I'm so glad he came home to watch videos with you. And I want you to come here with us for Christmas. which totally sounds crazy. xoxo Kristen

  8. That would be fun wouldn't it; meeting I mean? And no I don't think you're crazy!

    Actually I think you and I share a something that others may understand but haven't experienced.

    We as mothers have weathered some hard realities regarding our children, and we live with them every single day. I tend to think that bonds us together.


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