December 19, 2011

now I have a huge pile of.......

Those of you who read this blog know that my son Matthew came home for a visit on is days off, and he was sick. He went home last night, all better. His mother is happy about that but she wishes he'd get a flu shot so he wouldn't pick up these dumb bugs at work. It's just my opinion but I found when I worked with the public I thought over time the shots helped build immunity to all these crappy little viruses you get exposed to.

Him being home and sick got me to remembering quite fondly the days when the kids were little and they were vomiting, had the runs, had fevers and the chills. See Jen running around the house like a chicken without a head back and forth to the laundry room doing loads and loads of wash in between making chicken soup. Now my son is a grown man who obviously can take care of himself but having him here still stirs the memories.

I know, I know call me crazy!  And you may wonder why any mother should fondly remember vomit and crap? Actually it's the bodies spewing said bodily fluids that I miss having home most of the time.

You wait, a nest that is empty has a very different view!

And here is the view of my laundry room floor after Matthew had left. My husband had stacked his linens up on the floor so that they could be washed! I had to laugh, ya know some things never change.

Well actually some things do change.

I'm older now and I won't be running to the washer and dryer.

Now I'll walk!

that afghan was a wedding present from my aunt gen over 30 years ago 


  1. You mean I'll look back fondly on my kids' puke? LOL You crack me up, girl!

  2. Yes! Either that or I have totally lost my ever lovin mind!

  3. I don't believe it! I can't imagine me missing doing soiled laundry. You gotta be lying, right?

  4. I have news from you, after they move out, they come home with it, dirty and stinking and they say they'll do it, but you'll end up doing it.

    Not only that when they leave you piles of it when they you associate one with the other, crazy right?

    I love the kids coming home, so the laundry isn't a bother, really!

    I'll only be pissed if I get sick...and that's no lie.

  5. I will fondly remember lots of things...vomiting will NOT be one of them. Your kids are so very lucky :-)

  6. You'd be surprised what you'll miss when the kiddies move out!

  7. The laundry really does never end, does it?

  8. After they move out Shell they come home with it! Never ends....

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