December 22, 2011

santa's been reading my blog

Santa decided to come early this year! And luckily for me he's been reading my blog listening to me gripe about how really horrible my digital camera is.

I got a new one woohoo! And it isn't even Christmas yet.

Now my crappy photo's will be clearer and brighter than ever!

I doubt this new camera will ever be switched off auto, that is unless my husband give me some instruction. He's really good with cameras specifically and technical stuff generally.

Instructions books and I, well never the twain shall meet if you know what I mean.

I've never claimed to be a photographer but this dumb camera I have now would try the patience of a saint. I take 6-8 pictures with the flash on I will use up two double A batteries. And the pictures just were always uneven, no matter what light I was in.

I have missed a few important  photographic moments due to battery loss or memory loss - that would be me forgetting to bring a dozen batteries to an event.

But no more.

Now miraculously this old thing....

has now has been transformed into this....

I will try to refrain from getting to photo crazy on this blog!

But I SO excited!


  1. You're in the big time now!
    Congratulations on that fancy-schmancy new camera!

  2. Mark,
    It doesn't replace the natural talent that some people I know have *throat clear*, however it does make picture taking a lot easier!

  3. Oh YAY! Like you, my camera never goes off auto... which is why I usually just use my phone... that and it fits in my wristlet so I always have it on hand and don't need another bag to bring it along. I'm hopeless!

  4. Southern Single Mom,
    This camera is SO super fantastic it even takes videos, and oh, I'll just make hubby carry the bag, hee hee.....

  5. Oh, wow! As soon as I saw the title of the post, I was hoping that you wre going to say you got the CAMERA!

    I wish you lived closer. We could take photographer classes together. I've had two classes so far and let's just say, I never knew so much went into just taking a picture!

    Can't wait to see the fruits of your picture-taking!

  6. I guess I'll just have to muddle along on my own, and maybe I'll break down and read that booklet...all 200 pages of it*sigh*.

    Thoughts of meeting you and that class sound so much better!

  7. How fun to have a new camera! Yay!

  8. Susan i am going to have SO much fun with this camera over the holidays!


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