December 11, 2011

trying to get back in the grove of blogging

Hi everyone!

I'm back from vacation; actually I've been back for almost a week. When I left for New York and then Barbados my husband and I agreed that I would leave my computer and there would be no blogging. Vacation would be for relaxing and alone time, not for me writing and socializing with my blog friends. I have to be honest as much as I needed a vacation and time alone with hubby,  I kinda worried about how being away from my blog would feel. How was I going to survive without my laptop without the interaction. I think I was really heading towards a bit of an addiction problem. It was time to step away from the computer!

Getting back to this blog has been a lot harder than I though it would be and I am really surprised. Maybe it's just that things have been busy here. Driving back from NY is tiring, then there's the unpacking, grocery shopping, social obligations- I had a Christmas dinner party this Friday night for my  girl-friends. (you'll be able to read about it soon in a guest post I'm doing for Melissa over at MaMe Musings)

We headed up to NY for Thanksgiving and had a very nice time there with my family, my brother and my sister in law do such a wonderful Thanksgiving. The night after some of our cousins and my Aunts Gen and Marie and Uncle Doug came over for a little get together since we hardly ever get to see them no that we live out of NY.

My camera was acting really crazy for some reason and I didn't get many pictures; Santa needs to bring me a new one especially since I put pictures on my blog on a regular basis. But here are a few pictures of us hanging around my cousin Mickey at the kitchen table. (This picture is some cousins a few friends who are like cousins, my Mom and my aunt Marie towards the back.) He's been doing a genealogical search on our grandfather who died when I was about seven. Frankly we didn't know very much about him other than he was from PEI Canada and French. My cousin has now traced the family back to the 1600's. We were all really fascinated by what he found, I just wonder WHO we'll find when we take this further!

Aunt Gen & Uncle Doug

My Uncle Doug and my Aunt Marie who was sitting on the other side of the table are preparing to celebrate their 5oth wedding anniversary next year, isn't that great? Marie is my fathers (he passed almost 20 years ago) and my Aunt Gen's youngest sister. I was informed by my cousin Barbara that there's a party in the works. The two options for the happy couple are a small intimate party and a large one, part of me hopes the kids choose to have a large celebration so that we can travel up and share in their special day. Scratch that; as much as I'd love to spend the day with them since I was only three when they had their first wedding and didn't get to go, I hope the kids give them a perfect day- whatever they want.

After a late night hanging with the family Bill and I got up at the crack of dawn and headed to Barbados. My brother Gerard it should be said was a real sport and drove us up at JFK at the crack of dawn!

What to hear about my Barbados vacation? Check back in a day or two,OK!

I missed reading all your blogs while I was gone. I promise to try to catch up. Let me know if I missed anything important or earth shattering. Glad to be back!


  1. Welcome back! We all need those breaks-- both from the busy lives we live and, yes, even from our internet!

  2. Robyn, I know I needed a vacation. But......
    I didn't realize how much I needed the break, but it's good to be back. Thanks!

  3. Welcome back!

    I know what you mean about leaving the computer behind. Felt like I was leaving behind a body part...hahaha...but we all need that amputation every now and then :-)

  4. Melissa,
    It was a good thing though, I can already feel a bunch of ideas swirling around in my head and the shame of it is a lot of my followers from It's all about Jen really weren't reading so they didn't follow me over so I have to build up a whole new following. Its both exciting and a bit depressing that I have so much to say and half the audience. But I'm up to the challenge, the reason for the change was a new phase in my life so I just make some new bloggy friends.

  5. I think going on vacation and fully unplugging is the best thing to do, but it's very hard to come back. I'm with you on that! Your trip sounds absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to see what it's like in Barbados!

  6. blueviolet,
    Getting back to blogging has been really hard for me, I am more than a bit surprised at how hard it was to pick it up again. The bright side is now that I'm back I have some fresh material to write about!


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