November 25, 2011

everyday is a gift

Its pretty hard to explain all that happened on Thanksgiving, my guess is it's pretty much the same as you all did at your houses.

Food, more food, wine, beer, desert, more food, coffee then tons of laughs singing, music and I am so full I'm about to burst.

Then we got up today and started it all over again, that is in between naps.

So I thought I'd just share some pictures of us yesterday. It was a small group of us only fifteen at my brothers and sister in law's house. Her side was here, her mom, dad, brother and his family, their three kids and me mom and my husband and one dog.

Here was the star of our day, mr. twenty two pound turkey was very delicious!

The grown up table, my sister in law does such a nice job doesn't she?

I love the whole autumn color theme it is just so warm and inviting.

The dining room table has a great spread of hors devours, we do it every year, we say we're not going to eat before dinner then we stuff our faces on stuffed mushrooms and other yummy things before dinner.

All the Grandparents, my mom and my sister in law's parents having a chat with my sister in law over some snacks before dinner in the living room.

Suzie arriving for the day! She is my sister in law's mother and one the very nicest people I have ever met in my life. She is a wonderful mother and grandmother and the most devoted wife.

These are my lovely niece (from right to left) Alex, Sydney and Julia.

This is my sister in law Denise and her Dad Nick who was celebrating his birthday this Thanksgiving with all of us family. Although you may not see it Nick is in a wheel chair because of the advanced stages of MS for which he has suffered for over forty years.

I told you there was beer! This is my brother Gerard and my niece Alex being silly.

There ya go! Here's the birthday granddad with most of his grandchildren ( Samantha and Christian are missing but there in spirit we know ) with his birthday cake aglow enjoying the love.

Alex took a half day on Wednesday and Aunt Jen picked her up at school and we did some baking. This is one of our creations. Alex decorated this pumpkin pie with these beautiful letters and leaves made out of pie crust.

The table is starting to fill in this picture, here we see Nick Denise's brother , his wife Joanne there son, Nick and Mom Sue and a bit of my niece Syd on the end. I swear you'd think we were wino's because I'm counting seven bottles of wine on the table, jeez!

I don't know about your grandma's but ours do shots! How cool is that?

Then there was singing...our childhood friend Lisa stopped by for some tequila and song.

This is me and my godson Gerard catching a hug on the couch before everyone arrived.

My mom, Sydney and my husband in the den doing a bit of bonding before the madness.

The littlest Nick, ya think? And his godmother Denise posing for the camera.

So that was our Thanksgiving;  part two is tonight staring.....the cousins, the Aunts and one Uncle who are coming over to my brother and sister in laws for a cocktails a little bite to eat at about seven so I gotta go....


  1. Now That looks like a fun day. And that turkey, yummy!

  2. What a beautiful family! Looks like you all had such a great time!

  3. Now that is a Thanksgiving party.

  4. This all looks so cozy and happy!! Glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving :)


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