November 12, 2011

Give -be charitable

My husbands club had a dinner the other night. They usually have one every month but then in November, the men bring their wives, it's sort of a pre holiday get together before things get to hectic. It really is a nice opportunity to catch up with some of my friends and to see some others that I hardly get to see but for this dinner.

Usually a portion of the dinner ( because his club is a community organization ) is dedicated to hearing guest speaker give a presentation. It might be a local politician, our Sheriff or and educator speaking about what is going on within our community.

This time the guest speaker was the Christmas Mother. She is the representative of a private foundation who brings attention to the needs in our community, with emphasis on the kids at Christmastime. There are  funds, toys, food and clothing for local families that need to be gathered and distributed and she goes about our community and puts a voice to this situation.This particular Christmas Mother happens to be my friend and neighbor and it was no surprise that this Christmas with the economy as it is there are many in need.

I have never kept it a secret that for many years before the accident I worked with the poor so their cause is something close to my heart; enough to mention on my blog. But I don't want to come across as preachie for when it comes down to it we can only do what we can afford or what's truly in our hearts.

There are many kids who will not get Christmas if not for the charity of others because they belong to low income ( poor ) families. There is also another type of family who is has difficulties this season, they're called the working poor, they have almost enough to squeak by but not enough to provide extra's like Christmas for their kids. 

We've tried to teach our children the importance of charity, it is part of how we practice our faith. Are you doing something special in your community this Christmas for the less fortunate? How about at your place of worship? 

Have you been touched by the generosity of others and want to share it with us?

I hope you'll consider giving this Christmas, I know I will be!

If you do you'll be surly blessed. 



  1. My sister and I were just talking about this topic today. She wants to actively involve my 7 yr old nephew in giving this season because she has noticed he has been talking about Christmas as if it's all about presents (his presents!)

    We started with the twins this year when we all went shopping for shoe box gifts for the daycare collection drive. We'll continue to look for ways to give (and model that for our little ones).

  2. It really is a great thing to do with kids, especially in this day and age when our kids have so much-want so much.


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