November 6, 2011

make me laugh monday- butt really??

Kristen over at a little something for me is doing her Make Me Laugh Monday Meme today, as always I'm happy to participate and hope you'll stop by for a visit. 

These lovely ladies are my mother Mary and my aunt Gen, they're celebrating their 80th birthday in this picture. This was not your average every day party. I was a riot! Not the call the police type of riot but the laugh riot kind of riot.
Read on....

We the children, Gen's kids Mickey, Pat and little Genevieve, Paul , Gerard and myself, Jen gave them a party, about 100 of our friends and family attended.

This is my Aunt and my cousins.

 Mom , my brothers Paul and Gerard and me, Jen.

As I was gathering pictures for the party to display of their lives I found this picture of a woman at the beach, my mother, my Dad and all my Aunts and Uncles spent tons of time when they were younger. The picture showed a women  bending over and all you could see was her butt.

 I will say it was (either Mom or Aunt Gen , I'm not telling!). It came to me that it would be REALLY funny if we did something at the party with the picture so I had it made into a poster and my brother printed these words on it.....



Our guests examined the picture of the bending woman in the picture trying to decide 50+ years later whether it was Mary or Gen's good side. They giggled, they howled with laughter, twisted and turned they critiqued their figures in attempt to decide who it was, anything to get an edge.  Then each person filled out one entry for the gift basket choosing either the Mary or Gen basket. 

This is my cousin Mickey guiding the guests thru the butt selection process, note my cousin Pat off to the side with the "Gen"  butt basket.

My husband took care of the prize for the winning guest, it was a gag of course, it was a basket of "Tired old ass cream", "Ass kisser lip balm", and "Tired old ass soak".

By the way, the bathing beauty bending over in the picture was my Mom Mary.
Butt of course.....


  1. Hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Ah Jen, how funny! So it was Gen's butt? Looks like a great party!

  3. Kristen
    It was very funny, much funnier if you were there!

    Actually Aunt Gen couldn't remember if it was her butt or not, but it was my mom, Mary!


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