November 5, 2011

Thanksgiving plans & a peek at the past

I received my yearly nosy cousin e-mail today from Kathleen, who is obviously my....cousin. duh! She sends it out every year to friends and family to find out where we'll all be for Thanksgiving. She loves to know what we'll be eating and who we'll be eating it with,  because she loves us and because ...she's nosy!

We ( my husband, my mom and me)  are taking a road trip to NY to my brother and sister-in-law's for Thanksgiving. I'm not sure what we'll be eating there this Thanksgiving but I know it's gonna be great. My brother is some cook!

I have Thanksgiving at my house usually every other year- sometimes more!  Here's a few pictures that I dug up from a few years ago that I thought I'd share. I know I have tons more from other Thanksgiving's but to keep it simple I've decided to stick with showing you one year.

1.Matthew and his Aunt Denise nieces Sydney, Alex and my granddaughter Jillian in the leaves
3. Matthew and my godson's Gerard modeling their butts 4. Me (Jen) and my brother Gerard getting ready to carve the turkey.

1. Me (Jen) and my son Matthew on the phone. 2. Mom ( Mary ) and my niece Alex having a hug. 3 Matthew and little Gerard playing Frisbee in the driveway. 4 Bill and our niece Alex enjoying the day out on the deck.

So my friends, in honor of my dear cousin Kathleen I going to ask because I'm nosy too, it runs in the family! What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Are you staying home and cooking or are you going out? What special people will you be spending your holiday with this year?


  1. Here in Michigan where my family lives, Thanksgiving is "spouse's choice"- meaning my family doesn't get together so that all our husbands/wives can visit their families if they want or just stay home. So we'll be staying home and doing traditional turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, asparagus, fresh baked rolls.....yummers! Then for Christmas, my whole family gets together over in Detroit. The holidays are so fun!

  2. My siblings and I live in three different states so Christmas is impossible for us!

    Thanksgiving is usually the one holiday that at least two of us can get together.

    The important thing is that we want to get together even if we can't and....I get out of cooking this year...yeh!

  3. Don't we all have a cousin like that?

    A road trip to NY and family sounds great. And, just think. You don't have to worry about cleaning up your house!

    We are staying around here since all of our family is here. Hubby and I are going away by ourselves to VA the next weekend for my b-day :-)

  4. Hey, I live in Virginia! I hope you have a good time here, there are so many good things to do! And have a wonderful birthday :)

  5. Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful whatever you may be eating... Myself, I don't have cousins who call, so nosy or not, that in itself is something to be thankful for!

  6. Thanks One Mommy, I'm sure it will be!
    Whatever my brother's cooking's gonna be great, it always is.

  7. One of my favorite American Holidays. When we lived in Russia and we heard about the holiday in
    America where everybody would get together and thank their country, we honestly thought: "what a crazy people!!!" We now do it every year for the past 20 years, and frankly I feel like we don't say it often enough! We are now those "crazy people" and I love every minute of it!

  8. We love it too! We eat all day and drink wine and the kids play outside, you see how huge my front yard is? It is just a wonderful day. Then the next day we do it all over again with the left overs!


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