November 11, 2011

fessing up friday

Fessing up isn't all that hard to do. I'll be doing it most every Friday on this blog. 

This week I'm fessing up to:

1 .I'm fessing up to forgetting to vote for the first time in my life on this election day.

2. I'm fessing up to cancelling attending our regular ladies dinner this Friday night, no reason, just not feeling it!

3. I'm fessing up to watching way to much TV when my husband was away on his trip. Can anyone say Burn Notice marathon?

4 .I'm fessing up to going to bed really early while my husband was gone so I could hog the whole bed!

5. I'm fessing up to the fact that we don't recycle regularly in our house, we're responsible for transporting our own garbage to the dump we kinda do it when the mood strikes. I know, terrible!

6. I'm fessing up serious outrage at the adults that turn a blind eye to abuse of children.

7. My husband gave permission for someone to hunt on our land. I'm fessing up; hate it!

If you need to unburden yourself, just fess up in the form of a comment.


  1. It feels good to let it go :-)

    Burn Notice marathon...I need one of those!

  2. I forgot to vote too, and I didn't even realize it until I saw election results scrolling at the bottom of the tv. I LOVE having a whole bed to myself! :)

  3. I kept on saying to myself it wasn't really important - just local things but i still felt terrible. Not feeling bad about having the whole bed to myself however! love that......


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