November 14, 2011

make me laugh monday- we'll sleep anywhere!

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With our traveling to NY for Thanksgiving and then going directly on our vacation to Barbados. When I return I'm having a dinner party so the house needs to be ready. So we decided to decorate for Christmas early this year- really early. The nativity on the table amongst a bunch of other decorations and I went off to do some decorating around the house.

This is what I found when I returned to the room!

My cat Linus, comfortable with about 1/4 of his large cat body squeezed into the manger; snoozing!

Apparently my cat's will sleep anywhere. My husband went into the downstairs bathroom the other day. He was saying that he kept on feeling as if someone was watching him when he was doing his business. We're empty nester's who could it be??

This is what we found; or I should say who we found! This is Cheetah, he decided to make a bed out of the hammered metal bin that I keep my hand towels in next to the sink. He's apparently stealthy (notice how he blends) not to mention how he's a tiny bit curious about peoples potty habits!

Do you have pets and do they do funny things too?


  1. I think your cat wanted to be close to baby Jesus. LOL
    You're going to Barbados?? Have an awesome time!! Let me know when you've posted pictures. I went to Barbados last summer during hurricane season. My pictures are on Facebook. It was the honeymoon we never had. God was totally awesome to give us sunshine every day during hurricane season. I'm going to blog about it in February, along with a YouTube video with sappy music...

  2. My cats love Jesus, they sleep by that manger a lot while the tree is up; go figure!

    I cannot wait for Barbados! I've never heard a person say it wasn't beautiful. Pictures will be up when i return, hopefully with fabulous stories.

    I'll let you know when I get back...

  3. So cute!

    No pets here.

    When I was pregnant with my first, our cat would put her paws up on my belly and then swat at any movement the baby would make.

  4. Seeing those pics of the cats makes me ALMOST want to have one again. You know I'm not a cat those dogs too much. We had one cat who was the coldest, meanest, unsociable cat in the world. Hans said he was nothing but an eating, sleeping, shitting machine. LOL I was glad when someone took him off our hands. Anyway, your cats are great!

  5. Oh Jeanmarie, I remember when that cat pooped all over the bed Bill was sleeping in one time when we staying at your house! Remember? Chile was his name right? As I remember it he didn't like company very much, even us; who would have thunk it?


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