November 7, 2011

Sex-ed, Is that what they're calling it?

Pushing thru the milestones but not rushing thru them I entered my teen years bright eyed and without a clue of what was going on with boys. My discussions of sexuality with my Mom went as far as her handing me a bag with some sanitary napkins in them and we reviewed some booklets the school nurse gave us after the basic sex- ed offered in our local public school system.

 It wasn't until I was older, grown in fact that I realized just how innocent I really was and just how little I really knew; but was it enough?  I ask myself this as I ponder the facts laid out in the article I just read about the proposed sex-ed programs for NY city schools- the link is below.

I could only imagine in my mind now if a  form came home and my dear mother was asked to sign it giving permission for me as a teenage child to be exposed to sexual information such as, how to find a store to buy condoms, sexual positions, type of sex that don't include intercourse or subjects such as mutual masturbation.

Clearly things have changed for kids since I was a teen. The decisions  on what tell kids and who is telling them today must be daunting. I am so grateful that I am not raising my kids now. I can only imagine that we would be having open discussions with our children since there is no substitute for the love, guidance and wisdom of parents.

When I think back to what it was like "back then" I surly know  my mother would have had a heart attack if  she had know I was being exposed to such graphic information as a teen! But that was another time and things have changed dramatically since then. Clearly our children must be given some type of instruction about sex and sexually transmitted diseases. But I have to wonder; who really thinks making it more graphic makes it better or makes our children safer? I for one don't.

Parents certainly are the best judges of their children's needs and can best protect their families cultural and religious sensibilities. I admit that basic sex ed in schools has it's merits and always has, but when it borders on porn then it's gone to far.

New York City School's are currently implementing a sex ed program, read about it here at The Blaze. Just look at photograph with the article, the children's faces are priceless.

Did your experience as a child  help form what you did or plan to do with your kids when educating them about sex?


  1. I am a believer that sex-ed is a parent's responsibility--not a school's. I understand why schools do it--some parents are more than willing to let someone do the parenting.

  2. My parents never even spoke to me about periods. When I got my period i thought I had blood cancer ! Thats how hidden things were from me. I think I owe everything to boyfriends :P All knowledge whatsoever ! Following this blog now. thanks for letting me know you moved.

  3. I will and do talk to my kids about it - that alone is a change. The talks wont be lectures, but rather conversations, that will be a change. The school here does a great job of the biological education, I want the moral education to come from ME!!

  4. My parents completely relied on the school system to teach us about the birds and bees. We never spoke a word about it. Wish they did.
    My son is only 3 so I have a lot of time to think about what we're goingn to do

  5. Hi Jen - good luck with the new blog - looking great so far! I have some time to think about it (Like Kimberly, our son is turning 3) - but I guess the reality is that sadly it's going to be taught and we have to let our children know where we stand on the morality issue. Teaching respect for women and their wishes should perhaps be added to this "advanced" public curriculum. Now that would be progress.


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