November 3, 2011

welcome to - we're living a full life


I hope that if you're coming over to take a peek from my old blog that you'll consider leaving a comment to let me know you've visited. I would also love to know what you think about the new name!

If you're a new visitor to either this blog or my old blog, I hope you enjoy what you see here and will come back again some time soon.

This will be my blog home from now on, so you know where to find me! Don't forget to sign up as a follower or subscribe by e-mail so we can continue to stay connected.


  1. I was just popping over to thank you for stopping by my blog today, thanks to our friend Mark :-)

  2. You were his 200th and my first comment on my new blog Martha, cheers!

  3. I would follow you anywhere and hurried over to begin following! Good luck. How fun, a new name! Congrats!

  4. Thanks Melody-Mae,
    You're a sweet heart!

  5. Reading your post, I believe your friend is right. This is the right space for you and your story. While it's mainly about Jen, it's about a lot more too! Glad to follow you on the new journey!

  6. Thanks Jackie I appreciate it, I was getting more and more uncomfortable with the blog name. It's kinda of fun and a little scary to start all over again. Thanks for hanging with me!

  7. Good now you'll know where to find me!

  8. Popping on over to congratulate you on the new digs!!!

  9. This is so exciting!
    I'm very proud of you for starting over.
    Your Friend, Mark

  10. I am glad you left a comment to tell me about your new blog! I am following you of course!

    Terri :)


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