November 4, 2011

fessing up friday

Ever since my friend Kristen over at a little something for me ended her Confession Booth linky things have been building up for me. So although my new blog as of today has 4 followers (and one of them is me) they'll be no linky, I'm thinking it wouldn't exactly be a hit.

So on Friday's when the mood stikes I'll be "fessing up" to whatever is weighing me down with a twist of humor.

This week I'm fessing up to:

I was given a half a large bag of Halloween candy from my Mom and we didn't get a single Trick or Treat-er at our house; guess whose been in that darn bag of candy all week?

I'm annoyed and in a bit of a rut or maybe just to comfortable cooking the same things over and over again and just a tiny bit lazy to find and experiment with new recipes.

I'm to being a bit bummed out that grilling season is just about over and now I have to do all the cooking.

I fess up to being really out of shape, I was in pain from walking when we toured DC two weeks ago. I also confess I haven't a thing to get into shape, to rectify the situation.

I spoil my cat Cheetah and let him sleep in my bed but not the other cats.

I am fessing up that  my neighbors cats are trying to come through our kitty doors to get the cat food in our house, and causing problems with our cats. But I'm too polite to say something even when they asked if their cats were a problem. I don't want bad feelings with the neighbors- they're kinda nice people.

I am fessing up in a yucky way that my toe nails are long and my feet are like sand paper, I could probably climb a telephone poll with my bare feet. I need to give myself a pedicure.

Need to get fess up to something? Feel free to tell us in a comment.....


  1. I need a pedicure too. Really bad. I have horrible feet. My hubby's are so smooth. I am jealous!

  2. Not a big lover of pedicure's in the salons so I do my own.

    What is it about men's feet anyway?

  3. We may not be able to grill in the colder weather but we can hide our yucky feet - gotta look at the bright side ;-)

  4. I love the new blog and the title! Happy to follow you--again!

  5. Oh, I just grabbed your button and I'm off to update my reading list!

  6. of course I followed you over to your new blog! congrats on this-- I think it really symbolizes the healing in your life and it doesn't mean forgotten; it just means different! So, celebrating with you my friend! And while we are confessing, let me say, my week has been SO emotional as I ready myself for my husband's departure that I realized this morning I'm carrying an extra 5# that just came on this week. so it's salads and extra workouts while he is gone!!

  7. I'm so glad that you came and visited, especially with everything going on in you life.

    Separation can be difficult and I'm sorry that his leaving is hitting you so hard.

  8. I'm here. I'm going to follow. I love you. I love fessing up you. I'm linking you up to my re-cap day - so people will know you are here... but -

    you have to go back to your old blog and turn that picture into a hyperlink over here.

    seriously. I spend 20 minutes clicking on that picture and swearing at my computer because I am too lazy to re-type the website in my URL. Yes, that's what I'm fessing up to ... I am too lazy to type a url. I want to click it or copy and paste it.

    Love ya. Kristen

  9. Oh - and PUT A FOLLOW BUTTON ON YOUR SIDEBAR. yes. i sort of shouted it. But... seriously - people need to be re-following you. And people forget to follow at the top. so you need to do that. Maybe you should just sit down and talk to me and we can plan out your whole future blog plans :)

    love you. Kristen

    ps. wait until you see my pics from this week. haha!

  10. Love you too! My follow button has been doing a disappearing act on and off for the two days that I've had this blog!

    It's getting me rather pissed off. I've moved it, taken it off and put it back on and it's just got a mind of it's own, I'm thinking it thinks it's Houdini!

    If you tried to follow and were unsuccessful, try again! sorry...And I changed that other thing into a link for you so you don't loose it before Monday's link up!


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