January 21, 2013

Be positive

My husband went to the doctor the other day for a check up, part of his exam is a blood test. The doctor checks for liver function since he takes cholesterol medication. After the physical was done, the doctor excused himself and send the girl in to draw the blood from his arm.

Bill likes to joke around so as she was taking his blood he tells the girl.....

"You know vampires and zombies don't care for the taste of my blood."
"Seriously, I have good vibe juice running through my veins!"
"Oh really, and why is that?" she remarked!
"Because it's B+"

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  1. Too cute! Hubby is like that joking around with everyone. Tell your's if he ever needs blood, I can B+ along with him (that's my type too :)


  2. I think my blood is the only thing that's ever been A+. LOL!


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