January 11, 2013

call me

If someone told you there was a crazy lady laughing hysterical alone in the middle of the Walgreen's parking lot the other day pay no mind, it was just me!

I just upgraded my cell phone over the holiday. I considered getting an I-Phone but then quickly rejected that idea when I decided I didn't want to learn a new phone; I've had an Android for a few years and really liked it a lot.

Not looking to make my life any more complicated I decided to just go with the Razr M which is also a Droid just newer and much improved. It's much faster, flatter, bigger, sleeker and it has tons more apps.  Still there are quite a few differences that I need to learn.

I admit it I'm not an instruction booklet reader, OK I said it. 

Ask my husband.

We went out the other day. I had the new phone all set up the way I wanted, phone lists, ringer, apps, clock, weather...everything. I was so pleased with myself all done without reading a word.

While were having lunch with my Mom at a local restaurant Mom and she asked me to run into the CVS two doors down from the restaurant to pick up a certain item for her. When they didn't have what she wanted I went  across the street to the Walgreen's.

As I left Walgreen's with her purchase my phone rang for the very first time. There I was standing in the parking lot of Walgreen's looking at my new phone and it dawned on me.

I didn't know how to answer it.

I laughed out loud when during my first attempt to answer my new cell I hung up on Bill who was calling to find out where the heck I was!!

Have I mentioned I don't like to read instructions?

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  1. I love it!! I can see myself doing this. I don't have a smart phone because I don't want to learn how to use it, LOL, and my basic cell phone son and hubby set up for me. I don't even know how to change it from vibrate to ring, they do it for me when I need it changed. I do, fortunately, know how to answer it :)

    have a good weekend!


  2. I so understand about not reading instructions - they never make sense to me. I have to have someone to show me how to use a gadget. I'm also the same regarding the rules and instructions for playing games.

  3. I laughed out loud! You'd laugh if you saw my old flip phone. I don't want to upgrade and have to learn a new one and my kids and grandkids are too busy to instruct me!

  4. I hear you.....the only reason I don't still have Rana's old flip phone from her university years is that she insisted I needed a new phone so we could text while her father & I went on vacation last fall.....oh well...we did text, while on vacation. I must say I felt pretty cool while doing it, but I could just take my little pink flip phone back now, and be quite happy. I am certainly not a "techie". I still have to get Rana or Mark to download music to my IPod, for gawd's sake!!!!!!!

  5. LOL! I have an iPhone, and I've owned one for years. However, I don't take advantage of all the apps, which drives my kids crazy. They don't think I deserve an iPhone. LOL!

  6. LOL! When I helped my dad set up his phone, I said okay let's do a test call. He couldn't answer it either. LOL. He said, "Man I'm glad that didn't happen at a meeting." I'm not much on reading instructions either but my dad WILL read a manual from cover to cover so he's discovered some cool things about his Android. I like to read 'articles' that tell me about the cool things someone else discovered. That's more entertaining than reading a manual.

  7. I'm an iPhone gal. When my husband got his new Android phone, I didn't know how to answer it either! I just watched it ring and then handed him the phone. :)

  8. Too funny!! I still hang up on people if I get a call while I'm on my phone. I fear I'm getting too old to keep up with technology, lol.

  9. Too funny! Little Miss Know-It-All!! Must be the heat there in Virginia in January!

  10. I gotta admit...this gave me quite the chuckle! I haven't had a new phone in years, so I am not laughing too loudly in case the Karma Gods hear me.

    I got a Nexus 7 for Christmas. It's basically a tablet android. Lucky for me, it doesn't ring. And I am still trying to figure it out. Who needs instructions?? It'd take too long to read all those. Heh.

  11. lol.. that is hilarious.. coming from another non instruction manual reader.. I have so many more interesting things I could read and don't find the time for.. must I seriously must some of the precious time on a manual.. no siree.

  12. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    you are a woman after my own heart <3 Xxx

  13. I have had the same phone for almost 5 years now.... It really is time for a new one -- mine looks pretty beat up. I can see myself doing the same thing, though!

  14. I laughed out loud when I read this too. When I first got my iphone I never hung up on anyone, (finished a call ) well I didn't know you had to.


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