January 10, 2013

my brown eyed girl

I remember when we first met, she looked at me and smiled tentatively.

I noticed her big big brown eyes as she swept her bangs across her forehead and smiled....... and I was lost.

Innocent and sweet, I knew that I could and would love this child when I married her father.

Not long after she became my step-daughter and the daughter of my heart.

Me and Gretchen reading 32 years ago

If Gretchen had not lost her life in 2006 in the accident she would have been 37 today. 

Gretchen being kissed by dear friend Bernie
on her wedding day.

Happy Birthday sweet Gretchen

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  1. Very touching tribute, Jen.

    Happy Birthday, Gretchen.

  2. Oh Jen, I feel your loss. I also celebrate Gretchen's life with your family today. Happy Birthday sweet girl.

  3. Such a beautiful girl, a lovely tribute to her birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday, Gretchen. You are beautiful. Have you met Kay yet in Paradise?

    Hugs Love Love Xxx

  5. Sending love and prayers your way.

  6. beautiful young woman Gretchen was; happy birthday Gretchen!


  7. Lovely photos Jen and a lovely tribute. Birthdays are days for remembering all the happy times.xx


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