January 15, 2013

He's gotta be joking!

I was off to New York for a few days but this post update has been on my mind for a few days.

The original post was a pretty popular one.

Back in September I wrote a post about my neighbors who were involved in a domestic dispute that ended up on my front deck when I had a house full of company and Bill called the police.

I wrote about it here if you want to refresh you recollection or read it for the first time.

Read on.

Anyway here's the latest. 

We have noticed that the neighbors house has been relatively dark for months. Lights would go on and off sporadically so we really weren't sure what was going on over there. We have not seen hide nor hair of him or her since September after we called the authorities about their domestic dispute.

We sort of got the feeling maybe one possibly both of them moved out but we just didn't know for sure.

We were rooting that she'd leave but we are very aware how difficult that can be and the statistics are grim depending on many factors. And since we don't know much of their situation nor are we clairvoyant  we could hardly know what would happen.

Then we finally got one half of the story.

Guess who my husband ran into in the grocery store the other day?

He ran into the husband. Lets for the sake of this post call him wife beater.

The conversation went something like this.

Bill: So we were just wondering if you were living next door? We've noticed some strange cars coming and going at all hours and we're a bit concerned living next door and all...

Wife beater: No Bill. I'm actually living with a family member. But I do come by every once and a while to pick up a few of my things. Don't want to come at the same time as the wife.

Bill: So then your wife, is she still in the house then if you don't mind me asking?

Wife beater: About that I'd like to apologies for the last time we saw each other, things got out of hand.

Bill: Well, You do understand once you came to my house you left me with absolutely no choice but to call the police?

Wife beater: nods

Wife beater: So about "the wife" you're never gonna believe it, after over 20 years....

Bill: What's that?

Wife beater: She left me! Can you believe it? She actually prefers the  manager at her store and better than me?

I'm not sure how my husband kept a straight face during this conversation! Most especially during the whole "why would she prefer being with someone else rather then me a wife beater?"

Really is he kidding me?

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  1. I went back and read that post, Jen. So glad she decided she wanted something better; good too that your hubby did run into him at the store to see what was going on so you guys know what is up with the house. One can only hope eventually they'll move on (I would imagine someone has to be paying for the upkeep of it, right?) and you'll have new neighbors to get to know again :)


  2. She finally realized that life has options, while she still had some life in her, to be able to choose a better option. More power to her!

  3. I think that would be a situation where my tactfulness would slip and my sarcasm would come bubbling forth.

  4. At least he's consistently a moron...


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